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Graff1980 May 10
What drives you to hate
drives them to pain.

When compassion is
just a story
a mother
tells her
because life
all evidence
to the contrary.

Man, it is scary.

What drives you to pain
drives some
to remain
vigilant and kind
guarding against
the influence
of malevolent minds.

Ice agents
cut up plastic water bottles
and destroy food
that was left for migrants.

Government officials
put young kids
in cages
while sending their parents
far away,
leaving them longing for a day
that may never come;

Meanwhile, there are people marching
in the name of love
while writers soar above
creating art
to open hearts,
other humans
to be better.
Oluwatobi Apr 16
So many promises made, yet the walls still crumble!

He said "He is our saviour " and he has the answer to our troubles

Words were spoken

Untruths were told

Nevertheless,  all He needed was influence and riches

APRIL 2019
Ciel Apr 10
What is the meaning of patriotism?
Has it become synonym to blind loyalty?
Does it mean letting your morals be defined by your government?
Is it turning a blind eye to millions of people starving in another nation because your economy profits on the sale of guns to their oppressors?
Is it believing that one's life is more important than others'
based on where they were born?
Is it being complacent to bombing innocent people one after the other
for what their greedy government or a small percentage of extremists did?
Is it valuing the life of 10 of your citizen
more than a hundred of another country's?
Loving your country is normal
but inherently feeling morally superior to the rest of the world
because you were born within the invisible borders of a country
is idiotic.
Ylzm Apr 10
Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Songs of Joy, Silence of Pain;
Pride and Triumph, Prayers and Tears;
When the Righteous Flourish, the People Rejoice,
But when the Wicked Rule, the People Groan.
Pro 29:2
Waynepatrick Apr 4
You subject  wills to your rule,you dictate all the do's
Ink other's books,number the pages and decide what ensues,
You sculpt lives then structure lies all to satisfy your needs,
Ignoring those who bleed,making a mockery of their claims,
Right is yours to define, certain as can be,defiance births fines,
How corrupt you are,
Sanctioning the little good you posses while in the streets transparency you profess,
Betraying a fragile ego,selfishness and greed beyond degree,
Would that we knew,our expectations wouldn't have fallen on something new,
But only few know and many are blind to the core,
One day they many will see and on that day all your fears will come to be.
One day all will change
Viseract Apr 3
I'm a flesh addict, sporadic, adrenaline, I love being alive
Feel my muscles pumping blood as I run reckless- overdrive
And I cannot wait for the day, I get to say, I had the strength to survive
Like alliteration of insanity, inside of me, I to I!

But my eyes would be deceived if I said I see life like it's perfect
Like a roller-coaster, going through the motions, twists and turns a better way to word it
Take a seat, and sit with me, maybe then we'll be, like minded
Instead of you, like a lost moose, in the headlights: blind sided

I hate pretending, so, here's my raw aggression
I would take a second, to ******* bash your head in
But I don't wanna get physical, with someone so pitiful
Let's just keep it minimal, and indulge the lyrical

On sighting you I feel ******
Pity, anger, and anguish
Bullied by this *****
A year my senior, having kids

I feel hollow like a steel pipe, hurting like a rough night
I pull my smile too tight, to the point I'm  showing pearly whites
My mindset like, dynamite, my rhymes like, to takes lives,
Like a steak knife I'll carve you up
Eat these bullets, desperate lunch!

Now make no mistake
I sharpen dull blades
And I get carried away
******, serial, and maim

Just crunching numbers okay?
Nothing has changed
You're still the same old, same old
Here we go, another bomb falls!

Just an organic robot, blowing off steam
Of flesh and metal, robotic zombie
I see the cogs and the gears but I don't see a spirit
All I see is sheeple living lives like corporate business

Where's the fun in this? Leech the Government
Have a couple kids, and some funding with
A faded side *****, drugs kicking in
Go party hard with all your fake friends

You are not a parent, just a pa for rent
She is not a mother, just another chick
Using all that money to hit another fix
Coz you ain't cool if you ain't staying lit!

And that's just how it is, juvy and pregnant kids
People telling other people that their life's ****
Graffiti tags and spit, violence just a bit
Lost dreams and broken bottles, vanished innocence...
Lazy take advantage of a system meant for real struggles that can't be avoided...
Julian Delia Mar 22
The bitterness of hate and disappointment.
The hollowness of state appointments,
The shallowness of reform,
Like an anti-aging ointment.

Hidden histories, systems built on blood –
Forbidden mysteries, bodies of martyrs,
Unmarked graves covered in mud.
I understand, now – fully self-aware,
To talk is not enough; to do, we must dare.

No government is better than the self-governed.
Remember; the betterment of society must happen now,
Before we ruin ourselves, to be later discovered.
Remember that the rich have always been afraid;
Remember their long-standing debt that is yet to be paid.

Retribution is within reach;
Landlords, puppets and their armed thugs,
Parasites with no contributions, akin to a leech.
Warlords and their muppets, ***** profiteers,
Genocidal crimes, no restitution, just greed.

You may have killed off most of us,
But you will never **** the black flag.
You will simply make more of us,
For surrender to your ill-will is never our plan.
For every ‘example’ you make out of us,
We’ll just keep on coming back.

We are the anarchists,
The nightmare you’ve tried to bury.
Down with rich masochists,
Let righteous fury tear apart their territory!
Tuan Do Mar 13
Dressed in steel,
Spear in hand,
The general conquers in four directions.

Dressed in law,
Brush in hand,
The minister governs all ranks of men.

Dressed in Gold,
Wine in hand,
The Emperor watches as his empire grow.
Ah, but is this not the way of the world.
Sudeshna D Mar 3
Rules and jurisdictions
What if you disengaged?
Consequences you didn't sign up for
Will **** you or have you caged.

Born in a system that
You can't opt of
So innocent,
Oblivious to the paradox.

They say you have freedom
But do you really see?
They have to tell you, you have it
So are you really free?
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