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Jan 22
I don't know whether  im chasing a mirage
I don't know what to do
I don't understand which decision i should take
To make him fall in love again
Time is so cruel
We were so good together
I really don't know what happened
Why he suddenly changed
Im sure i did nothing wrong
But still he is away
I don't  know why he is avoiding me
I don't know what's the truth
All i sense,he is with a karmic
But i wonder that im the karmic
Im so confused with his silence
Once i wished to be his twin flame
As i thought he was the one
But now i don't know why i doubt
Is this a nightmare i see
Or is this the reality
That he is betraying me?
Fear to face reality and poor in taking decisions..all i can do i making these poems to gain a temporary peace
Written by
   BR Dragos and ---
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