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Isaac May 2020
What if there was no rush?
Only an infinity of time
To discover the world
And all you could do.
But that is simply not true.
We all head to our grave
Minute by passing minute
Year by passing year
Just because this is so,
Is it wise to rush?
Or wiser to take your time
And let your roots grow deep
Soaking in the richness
Of an Earth that has seen many generations.
It is only then we truly live
And not drift like dead wood
Afloat a windy river
That leads to a long drop over a waterfall.
Let's establish ourselves,
And become a true part
Of this magical world.
Fashion yourself into this work of art.
Engrave your essence into the bedrock of history.
Don't allow the wind of this generation
To disanchor your heart.
Let your grip tighten
Into the realms of future and past
For they can be easily forgotten
Among the nagging realities of today
And the constant worries of the present week.
Are we allowed to drop the shallow,
And explore the deep waters?
The unknown exists.
It welcomes the rarest souls
Into its hidden chambers.
But who dares to go there?
Who cares to go there
When the colourful attractions
Of previous discovery shine all around you?
Convenience the wall that guards the masses
From the hidden worlds that lay beneath.
Written 9th May 2020
Isaac Oct 2018
Reality gives richness back to those who make it richer.
Written 26 October 2018
I always dreamed of being a bird
Flyingn high into the sky
With no cares in the world
I wanted to fly from all the chaos
To be free..
Snehith Kumbla Jan 2018
it is when
I didn't try
that I failed,

for in trying
is emerald

a rich coat
of lavish
paint on

life canvas,
those who

out of iron
habit and

made the run,
breathing each
step as a drop,

and in keen
gently match

the heart's
beat to earth's
vigour, to feel

blood throbbing
within, to find
oneself is enough,

to try is to be
one with the
invincible gods...
colzzmacdonald May 2017
I can have a billion cash in the bank
With houses all over
Cars with the highest rank
The finest clothes all swank
I would be poor

This degree of fulfilment only comes
From the joy in your soul
Heart beats like tender drums
Warmth of a million suns
Now, is that love?

Heaven is a different room away
I won’t step in there yet
From Moscow To Calais
Heaven is here today
As I’m with you

I’m not meagre in spirit anymore
Fruitful of core no doubt
Never lost like before
Like an eagle I soar
When you find me

You give to me the richest thing of all
Like honey to a bee
As stars form in nightfall
Pick me up when I fall
You give me love

You bring to me the richest love of all
When I hear your tender heart come to call
Lizzie Apr 2015
My dearest friend,

I wish more people understood you
You have kept me company all these years
Your rich, bitter-sweetness has shown me depths,
Shown me that sadness should sometimes be embraced
That you are nothing to be feared

You have taught me unique lessons,
Alternate perspectives
That I never would have considered
In any other state of mind

Allowing me to appreciate the beauty
Within the past
Reminding me
That sometimes "where it's at"
Isn't always where we're at
In the present

Maybe I look for you too much
In books, in films, in art, in people

Maybe it's because
You have kept me
For so long

When people leave,
You are present
When others are present,
You are often still here
With me

Do I over identify?
But in the end,
You have stayed my closest friend
Thanks for the company
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
يعيش الغني دوما في برجه العاجى                                                                                        بعيدا عن الفقر و الفقراء ...                                                                                                 يحلم الفقير بأن يصبح غنيا                                                                                                في يوم ما                                                                                                                       و بعض الفقراء مليئون بالحسد                                                                                              من الاغنياء ...                                                                                                                 للغنى سلبيات و ايجابيات                                                                                                    و كذلك للفقر سلبياته و ايجابياته ...                                                                                        التخمة مرض الاغنياء و السكري                                                                                          و الفقير يعاني من نقص التغذية ...                                                                                                           للغنى احلام و للفقر احلام                                                                                               الغني يعيش في عالمه العاجي و                                                                                        الفقير يعيش في عالمه السفلي ...                                                                                       ظلم الحياة هو الذي يؤدي للفقير                                                                                        و لا يولد الانسان فقيرا                                                                                                   بل هناك عوامل كثيرة تؤدي للفقير ....                                                                              الفقير يحتاج فقط للأنصاف ...                                                                                          يحتاج الغني للنزول و لو للحظة من برجه العاجي .
Sy Lilang Aug 2014
Wealthy* is the man
Who gives more than what he has
Than a man who keeps his pocket bulky
And lives in with his pride

Real wealth is of value
The one who boasts his possessions
Will lose what he has
Not now, yet sooner
For the worth he has not known

The other surrendered every thing
Left nothing but his soul
He says his commitment is unto the Father
To whom the Giver of all.

Life is full of lies
One may easily be deceived
And the wealth of the world indeed
Is just a pinch of the Heaven's richness

To where his feet shall stand
The golden pavement in the Sky
And what life would it be?
What profit it would be
If a man gains the whole world
Yet loses his own soul

God studies his heart
The desires and passions that emerge
For wealth shall be poured out
In his spirit that *thirst

— The End —