Last night you told me you don't love me anymore
You say you are now into bad girls in leather jackets
Wearing cigarette smoke like perfume
And I stutter. But stop.
I wanna cry but I don't.
Consider being what you want but
Instead, I show you a wicked smile while
Thinking of running away to the big city
Little warrior queen

This morning your words taste like freedom.
And I stay just where I'm at.
Instead, you move to the moon
And I am stargazing on picnic blankets

I have cried
many times before
once for every reason

but never
in my life
had I cried of freedom

i think of
the tops of trees
in the places where humans do not roam

at least then
my mind will be clear
and untarnished from fear or self-righteousness

The rubber band of time is tautened.
Nothing moves.
The mind is still.

As the blanket of awareness slowly unfolds,
patterns reveal themselves.
Limits have been tested, and boundaries crossed.
Life has been lived with the eyes blindfolded.
While ice-skating on the edge of insanity,
it can feel hard to breath.
The question arises:
“Will I die today?”


The rubber band now slackened,
the clock starts to tick again.
The wind is felt and, with it, songs of resilience and self-love sound.

Catching the gale just right, you take off.
Truth sets in as your wings flap.
You are so strong.
Remember the feeling.
Don’t be afraid of it; bask in it.
Be free.

You get to live.

Even if your face is bathing in sunlight, you will close your eyes and sleep.

- LynnAA

While lying down on a couch that wasn't mine in a state that was completely mine.


... My name can't protect you from each other anymore.

- LynnAA

RebelGirl Oct 9

the flag of the United States is not a disgrace
people risk their lives for it
some loose them or dont come back the same
so even if you dont believe in what the flag stands for
STAND put your hand on your heart and stop trying to be an outcast in society
some of us have family that have served
so think of all the people you are disrespecting as you kneel at our precious flag
that means so much more that the lives lost in vietnam
but it represents our freedom and the people who fought and still fight for it
do you not want the freedom we have here
I take it you do so that means dont disrespect our flag and the people who served for it!!!

CP Oct 9

You mean nothing to me anymore
I am no longer your whore
go and tie that noose around your neck
you be I won't be there
I think about you and cannot remember why
why did I let myself cry
why did I let myself repeatedly die

You mean nothing to me anymore
even your name is just an eyesore
I walk with pride with each stride
no longer sunken and petrified
of your inner Jekyll and Hyde

You mean nothing to me anymore
and with that statement its the end of this cold war
I don't know what my future has in store
but I'm ready to go explore
I'm ready to walk this road alone

You mean nothing to me anymore
I know on this path i'll fall down and ask what's this all for
with disillusioned hopes and words- I miss you come back
I'll get back on track and realise
You may mean nothing to me but I mean the world to me
and its about time I became a fucking priority.

I'm trying to focus on the good
I should go take a walk in the neighbourhood
Lyn-Purcell Oct 8

When I close my eyes, I begin to drift.
I see myself.
F  L  O  A  T  I  N G
As I pass the walls of sinless dreams,
I am finally free to dance
and laugh and twirl
and spin
In a sea of white
and blue and pink

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