BeautyinChaos Aug 2017
A smile plays on my lips
one hand caressing my cheek
And the other is firmly on my neck
Squeezing sweetly, cutting off the air
So that I can finally breathe
Arlene Corwin Feb 2017
The Pleasant Difference ‘Tween The Spiritual & Religious

How to say this briefly:
Firstly, find words for the inexpressible.
They do exist.
Here is the gist:
Each has components -
Churches, sects and cults, their creeds:
The claim of being chosen.
Pure spirit's -ality doesn’t seem to need
A system woven
Into scripture which professes knowing
What is best for all,
Where if you’re good you rise
And if you’re bad you fall.

The spiritual as an approach to life,
Seems to place the emphases
On unity within the mixture of beliefs;
On peace and joy, and getting these;
Transcendent over time and space
And, most of all,
A sense that you are face to face
With truth about reality,
Its indescribability.
Yet not impossible to give a voice to;
Love that comes, fear that goes!
Erotic, no.   A loving kindness big & small,
Universal, – if you will,
That permeates, recalibrates,
Connecting to an All that’s spirit: All in all.
Practices to help along:
Meditation, psilocybin, prayer and song:
The mystical both caused or opened.
That said, non- theistic preference
Needs to be demystified, a road for genius, dunce.
Not piety, religion, magic, paganism, or god-based,
Not theological nor physical,
But meta-, deeply meaningful,  
Yes mystical!
The core of all.

The Pleasant Difference ‘Tween The Spiritual & Religious 2.9.2017
To The Child Mystic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Nature Of & In Reality;
Arlene Corwin
Ma Cherie Dec 2016
Plant a deep,
and budding seed,
to take away the endless writing need,
show the others,
end the angry jealous greed,
& take away an ugly weed,
to do a little poetic deed,

As you hope in a prolific tree,
in it's rooted ink,
to be set so free,
stretching to the sky,
to show a light for all to see,

Get down & pray on bended knee,
the God's above have heard the plea,
as they hand you a compelling key,
and no,
there is no guarantee,

As I will always remember thee,

I hope that you who let me be,

I hope you too,
remember me.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
For someone I love... my seed. Thank you to all the poets at HP those I know and those I don't who have supported my writing and work. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed New Year full of prolific words. I hope you are blessed for the other abundances also ❤❤❤
Scribbles99 Oct 2016
em>Darkness avenges light and swallows it up.
A burning sun dies,
melting in a horizon where orange flames mold with stars.
Shadows awaken and roam a world.
A black cloud is studded with blazing stalks;
swaying and jumping throughout the dark.
An exquisite pearl rules a sky.

Slowly and on toes...
Secrets are born,
masks of empty smiles and eyes fall
tearing flesh and bones;
and what we thought as mythical creatures are shed,
awakening the truest nature of souls.
Nicole Feb 2016
Farewell sweetheart,

I closed the door without a sound.
Teardrops fell to the ground.

You loved me softly, you filled me with grace.
But I can't live this lie just to save face.

I don't feel joy, I can't sense pain.
If only you knew what was going on in my brain.

Life without you once seemed impossible, and now it is the reality I face.
I'll never forget the moments we had, how you made me blush in lace.

The train is leaving the station and I'm going away.
There is no point in hoping I'll stay.

I look around and feel like a stranger here, there's not enough room in your heart.
We both deserve a fresh start.

I won't wake you, my feet gently cross the floor.
Our story is over, I can't do this anymore.

So goodbye my sweet, these memories will last. Until the next time, I'll remember you and briefly gaze in the past.
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2015
It's this migraine of swirling, or paused pulse in the head.
As if the revolution of earth is felt in much faster pace,
And only you are in this ride of earth farris wheel.

Are you alone in this darkness,
As if beneath the deep sea,
And striving desperately gasp to the surface to breath?

Those moments your beats stop in seconds,
but that second felt like a life span,
And you want to knock everything on the table to release your senses.

This desire to bash your head against a wall,
Until this pressure in your head halts,
And allow the circulation to resume with the flow of your blood?

Razor upon the skin to release senses of the nerves in this numb within,
Allowing your warm blood to flow,
And remind yourself you are alive?

In a brief moment of solitude,
As the midnight bring solace,
You allow yourself to dream?
I remember what it was like to be stuck in a personal bars against the walls,
And once I freed myself of the painful truth,
The walls that prisoned me was unbuilt and reassembled to my personal throne room.

So why build your dungeon, when you can build your villa?
if tonight's your last
and yesterday's past
intimidates you or
relentlessly accuses you
of the things that
once enchanted you
and you take a slap in the face
you cut to the chase
there's no time to waste
but really you're stuck
you feel out of place
and the rhythm of the sorrow
drags into tomorrow
because you cannot forget
and there is abundant regret
draining from the scars
that you've tried to hide
that you've put aside
and in reality, your soul
of waiting, of praying
of feeling like it's straying
you breathe, you sleep,
you live as if you
were not dying
you're still trying
but you are broken and
you cannot cope
and all of your hope
has gone up in smoke
to where has your spirit flown?
for the love of God, release
give it to the One you seek
to Him whom your eyes have not seen
in this moment, you are

© Melissa Carlson 2015
Teardrops are running down
my window pane
That no one can explain
Except the pain which
Resides within my heart.
A hankchief wouldn't
Be big enough to catch
The emotion.
I'd need an empty bucket
But I would get tired
Of going backwards
And forwards.
I'd rather march like a soldier
waiting to face war.
There's no time to ponder
on the past
What will be
Will certainly come to pass.
Let's remember the present
Without leaning to far back into
The past.
But gently move forward.
Into a brighter future.
LJDC Apr 2015
When love was tired and yourself was free,
The guilt is gone,
The heaviness is gone,
The lies are gone.

When love was tired and yourself was free,
The spark was lost,
The eyes are not dilated,
The heart was exhausted.

When love was tired and yourself was free,
How will you say it was?
How will you say it with less pain?
How will you say the most painful words?
The most painful words,  a lover can hear.
How will you say sorry?
Can you ever forgive me?
How will I say goodbye?
If there is no good in saying those?

When love was tired,
Say goodbye.
Free yourself.
Accept changes.
Then that's the only time,
Yourself was free.
lX0st Jan 2015
The blood that we bleed
So insignificant, it seems
But after these vacant hours
It is our souls that are freed.
Though lost at best, we must still proceed.
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