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Harley Hucof Aug 2014

because im happy i dropped my insecurities
because im happy i love everybody
because im happy im full of energy
because im happy i lost my fear
because im happy im free
because im happy i dont care
because im happy im aware

PrttyBrd  Jun 2014
the basics
PrttyBrd Jun 2014

love generates kindness
trust generates peace
open hearts breed understanding


Freedom comes
Not through choice!
Freedom comes
From having a voice.
Not to say,
Now I can choose!
But to say,
With choice I loose.
It's all the same -
You have not chosen.
It's all same -
You have awoken!

NewAgeOfAnarchy Nov 2014

Freedom can not live on, with slavery in practices.
Freedom can and will overcome slavery.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
Kristen  Feb 2015
Kristen Feb 2015

freedom, relative
upon what you cannot have
or achieve, today

My soul is a bird,
My body is a locked cage,
Where I don't belong.

nivek  Mar 2016
nivek Mar 2016

freedom can be bare feet
or naked
or laughter
freedom can be poetry

farahD Nov 2014

Suspended in mind,
Take the leap of freedom,
Break through illusion,
To a world without,
Freedom from these chains,
Nothing will hold,
My life now,
For my soul,
Is free.

Sarah Oct 2014

Justice is not equality
Freedom is not fairness

It’s better to admit you don’t understand
than to torture the hopeless

Waiting for peace on earth,
you dare to hold your breath

So I’ll let you suffocate;
We are equal in death

JP  Jun 2015
JP Jun 2015

when you don't need anyone's approval
to be happy

Palindrome poem.

he drank wine all night of the
28th, and he kept thinking of her:
the way she walked and talked and loved
the way she told him things that seemed true
but were not, and he knew the color of each
of her dresses
and her shoes-he knew the stock and curve of
each heel
as well as the leg shaped by it.

and she was out again and whe he came home,and
she'd come back with that special stink again,
and she did
she came in at 3 a.m in the morning
filthy like a dung eating swine
he took out a butchers knife
and she screamed
backing into the roominghouse wall
still pretty somehow
in spite of love's reek
and he finished the glass of wine.

that yellow dress
his favorite
and she screamed again.

and he took up the knife
and unhooked his belt
and tore away the cloth before her
and cut off his balls.

and carried them in his hands
like apricots
and flushed them down the
toilet bowl
and she kept screaming
as the room became red


and he sat there holding 3 towels
between his legs
no caring now wether she lft or
wore yellow or green or
anything at all.

and one hand holding and one hand
lifting he poured
another wine

NewAgeOfAnarchy Sep 2014

The path to freedom is prove with broken promises and hardship.

©2014 Michael Cross

A relationship's ultimate prospect
is a part of a greater whole.

A single's life, however,
yields the promise of individual freedom.

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