Samuel  Apr 2011
Freedom, freedom
Samuel Apr 2011

Monetary wealth makes no difference
In the end
It all comes down to how you have
Gone about expressing yourself

Who has listened
Who has taken the initiative
And such

So scrap your hammered ideals
And join me.

AFJ  Jan 2015
freedom, freedom.
AFJ Jan 2015

Purchased a new chain,
Just so i could feel liberated, but gold..

Isn't exactly accepted by this God fellow, or so I'm told..

so what is the cost of freedom?

I ask the sages of the block if they would be so kind...
they tell me freedom has no price tag, cus its a state of mind.

& i knew damn well these people of wisdom weren't lyin..
these same folks invented get rich or die tryin..

...& though most of them passed away, the message was heard.
& money cant buy happiness but just believe in the word.

Never settle for less.
don't obsess over chains...
Most have gardens to tend, all we grew was our pains...
& before Ferguson i knew an Officer James..
who shot an unarmed man, leaving permanent stains..

I wanna be.

free from woes.
free from foes.
free from grief.
free from beef.
free to give my momma peace.

free from lust.
free to trust.
free to speak my mind & cuss.

free to dream without boundaries or fear.....
i purchased a new chain yesterday..
Next to the pier.
As i stared into the distance, the sunset seemed to speak.
it said freedom, is also based on the memories you keep.

So i'll always remember that gold chain, cost me a little less than a grand.
but the purchase was worth it, cus i realized freedom & who i am.


Diana C  Jun 2015
Diana C Jun 2015

Freedom is all I have sometimes.
The freedom to walk
or run or to just stay.
The freedom to talk,
to cry or to laugh.
The freedom to love you
or to hate you
or to feel both at the same time.
The freedom to travel around the universe
and never return back to Earth.
I shouldn't have said that,
Now I feel scared...
The freedom to be scared.
The freedom to trust,
the freedom to care
and the freedom to fail.
The freedom to learn
or to fail again.

Stephanie Lynn  Jan 2015
Stephanie Lynn Jan 2015

my great grandmother said,
Oh, freedom
oh, freedom
oh freedom
over me

my grandmother said,
and before i'll be a slave,
i'll be buried in my grave
and go home to my Lord
and be free

my father said,
no more weeping,
no more weeping
no more weeping,
over me

I say,
before i'll be a slave,
i'll be buried in my grave
and go home to my Lord
and be free

Oh freedom!

Oh freedom
over me!

how thankful am i
how blessed am i
to be black
be free

This poem was inspired by stories from my father. This is me envisioning generations within my family singing this song (Oh Freedom) at different stages in our history. To me, that has such meaning and power.. With our society becoming more openly racially divided, its as if we have moved backwards in time. So when I find myself becoming angry or hateful, I think about what my family endured in their time, about how my father's birth certificate says "negro" on it, and how he had to drink from "colored only" fountains, and how he grew up picking cotton from sun up to sun down, It means so much to me as not only a light in the dark gospel song, but to know this was sung from the very lips that began this family in a time where freedom was not for us, touches my soul to the very core. My family is a strong family and our ties are bonded by love and Christ.
My great grandmother was a slave, and to see where I stand just three generations ahead of her, really places into my heart the realization of how much power I truly carry in my voice and just how much strength I carry in my veins.

(C) Maxwell 2015
Paramount Pawn  Apr 2015
Paramount Pawn Apr 2015

Inside these walls
is a girl afraid.

She does not trust.
She does not hope.
She does not believe.

But one day,
A spark of light came down on her

The walls that hid her
came crashing down.

Her eyes were opened
To a place of new beginnings.
A place were she can start fresh.
A place she can call freedom.

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