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jay Mar 2021
a simple i love you
and under stars, a-flight

but she is a name on a gravestone;
and he was drunk that night.
jay Mar 2021
i would write you a love song
with your name in every verse
but you would never hear it
it would only make me hurt

polaroid love
kept in a case
as dull as the sky
on our final days
jay Dec 2020
i dyed my hair pink
it was supposed to be purple because i couldn’t dye it green
the developer...or whatever it’s called
is still under my sink
makes me think

and at three a.m. i’ll die again or at least try to dye
they both are very different things that still feel quite alright
so i fall to sleep with blue hair and hope that i just might

xoxo catch you later on the next flight
signed- jay
jay Dec 2020
Life is like a fair
That only lets in white people with blue eyes and blond hair
And ******* and small waists
Let's cut-paste the same face
The same smile
The same type
That's been stuck here for a while
jay Dec 2020
I'm gonna take over your heart
As soon as I get the ***** to try
Ima re-arrange the alphabet
And then take "U" and "I"
And put a bit of space between 'em
And hope that nobody cries
jay Dec 2020
father, I just don't know what to make, you know
Of all these tiny specks with so much **** to ******* say
And father, I just hope that we don't fall apart and break

It'd be great if we didn't relive 1938 to '45
Man, there's just nothing we could change......
if I'm not a giant *****, does that just mean that I am saved?

Jesus Christ, you're super nice
How could you let me burn?
If I'm not murdering people, then smashing their ******* urn
jay Dec 2020
Jesus Christ seems super nice
I wonder if he'd love me
How come I only wonder when I'm sad or really hungry?
Jesus Christ, you're super nice
But don't expect much from me,
I Would kneel down, but I'm afraid that I would just feel nothing
Praise God
(And other things that don't make sense to puny minds)
Like ours designing roller coasters
that almost always seem to fall apart
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