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Leia Spencer May 19
The thing about us English nerds
We know the sappy lines
The snappy remarks
The ones that sting just right
Or heal a cut deep in your heart
So watch out for us
Because you’ll never know
Which is which
Real or not real
Cutting or healing
Loving or hating
For it’s the actions that count
In a day and age where we communicate
Through words we see on a screen
It’s dangerous for people like you
Who listen to those who cannot be seen
Because girls who read books
Can right you anything you want.
And you won’t be able
To tell the difference.

Harsha Jul 2018
You & me in San Francisco grown men playing dress up plus nerds
With you on my arms I am immediately separated from the heard
The remaining 10% - the jocks only by chance furiously attending
They gaze then pass at you curious glares
As they aim at me their jealous thousand yards stares  
Stupefied and suspecting what we have in common to share
As you turn heads when you glide gracefully across the exhilarating COMIC CON air;
My fellow compatriots classify you as a beautiful figure that does not belong
A goddess among men browsing the NEW 52 graphic novel stall
As you broadcast your angelic smile while you enjoy this overflowing costumed hall
But all eyes are on you – you are the bell of this superhero themed ball;
My fellow geeks suffer in silence and in envious disbelief
Eventually overcomes as they go through their own stages of denial and grief,
Finally admitting this modern day miracle they begin to ponder
If they are in a FINAL FANTASY slumber
Day dreaming and sleep walking away into the yonder
Then they soon realize and dare for themselves to wonder;
If I - a geek just like them can accompany the company of a beautiful girl
There exists NEW HOPE for them too - that things can take an unexpected turn
From the ashes of common misconception and ridiculed rhetoric    a DARK KNIGHT has risen
Avenging a triumph for all nerds freaks and geeks across the world
After word – thanks for coming to comic con with me, you dressed as the sexiest of Valkyries, since I have always been a soldier and you always been an angel you are undoubtedly my Valkyrie – a soldier s angel.  

The common misconception: just because we love comics does not mean we are all losers who live with their mothers in dark basements playing HALO 24/7- more like intellects that choose to go beyond the average and limited imagination.    

To all the so called JOCKS who discriminate their fellow man - gentlemen strip clubs and big trucks are all good but sooner or later they tend to lose interest as they present the same thing over and over again offering nothing for the imagination the inner child and intellect in you to share.
Jack Ritter Mar 2018
I once ordered a crystal radio
from my Johnson and Smith catalog
is what it said
just the energy of the radio waves themselves
leaping off the sharpened spike
atop some clandestine tower
spreading out in spherical shells
stretched so thin by now there couldn't be
and yet there was
enough electromagnetic "stuff"
to agitate the antenna wire
enough to tickle the cats-whisker pin
which poked the germanium crystal
just so
and a highly wound spool
of baby's hair wire
would tune to a station at night
with a guy who made puns
and talked about nothing
through the plug in my ear
which trickle of sound
transfixed a boy's head
to his pillow
all night
me at 14.
Samuel Hesed Dec 2015
We are all nerds,
Just looking for the-
Right glasses to wear,
The right pants to lift,
The right tie to bear,
An the right book to pick.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2015
A big planet
filled to the brim
with chozo ghosts
X parasite hosts
and things that want me dead
my power suit lost all the beams
missiles, energy tanks,
space jump, even additional armor is gone
I'm all alone on this world to conquer
but I don't have time for a bad fur day, I must get onto the impact crater....

Samus Log Entry 6/1/2119
NeroameeAlucard Nov 2014
I swear I'm dateable!
well that's debatable
because I'm a complete nerd with a bad record, yeah that's relatable

Anyway I might as well put my cards on the table
I'm a poet but you know this but I'm currently available
I'm unswayable, once I'm yours I'm yours
I **** at making first moves but I'll gladly open doors

Texts every morning? you got that
Want food? I'll go out of my way to buy that
Bad day? on my chest you can lay or in between your legs My tounge can play while I get rid of that headache
Need to cry? I'll be by your side
Cramping? heating pads n chocolate I'll provide...

Now ladies you may wonder... why have all my choices been so rotten?
Speaking for guys like me.. we don't get out too often.

Just having fun!
Jasmine Oct 2014
You make my cheeks burn brighter than Charizard's flame,
And make my heart beat faster than Sonic The Hedgehog on Green Hill Zone,
You calm me down like you're Lugia's song,
And you make me laugh harder than a boss level itself.

If you were the doctor I'd jump in the Tardis without a second glance,
And fight daleks and weeping angels just for the chance,
To grasp your hand.

Out of all the starter Pokemon,
I'd still choose you,
And never trade you away,
Not even for Mewtwo,

You're rarer than a shiny Pokeman and mean more to me than that,
You're hotter than Aiden Turner and Ash,
If you're Link then I'd love to be your Zelda,
The princess you save over and over.

Like Tetris itself you complete me,
You hold the key to my heart,
And I'd proudly go on a quest to reclaim Erebor if you were by my side.

I know this poem is nerdy,
But I hope you find it sweet,
Because I find without you,
My life wouldn't be complete.

Copyright© 2014 Megan John
All rights reserved.
This poem was written by one of my close friends Megan John, she wanted me to publish it for her. Hope you like it.

— The End —