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Harsha Sep 2018
I confessed my adoration declaring my undying affection along with my true intentions
You declined most gracefully (clear and concise)
Narrating you do not share the same sentiments, (it was a forgone conclusion)
Letting me down eventually yet elevating my spirits every time you smile;  
If you reciprocated even a decimal point of devotion or a fraction of affinity I hold for you
Metaphorically speaking it would acquire the vast space that now occupy all the stars in the known cosmos
For my affection towards you ran across time through galaxies extending throughout the infinite interstellar, finally resonating to the heavens unsettling angels and almighty god  

In space time is redundant; direction hold no relevance and gravity is absent
Similar to the romantic intentions you have for me – literally none existent
You will always occupy that pedestal you once accused me I have erroneously placed you on
I will always hold the candle for you, step off a bridge if you asked me to

I would rather deserve medals and not have them; than to have medals and not deserve them
Very much like you – case and point
Maybe you are like the sunset I only have the privilege of admiring its magnificence from a far
But never to retain it for myself I have to let go once the dusk disappear giving way to the stars

But I like to still envision; let my imagination run rampant; then contemplate in accordance to the   “Many Worlds Theory” that somewhere in the unknown multiverse, vibrating in a different frequency, we co-exist ecstatically ; now living & sharing an apartment in New York city; enjoying Chinese takeaway drinking cheap wine while listening to all your favourite songs from the nineties.  (Specially the Goo Goo Dolls, The Verve and Matchbox Twenty)
Seriously doubting my creativity questioning my writing skills due to the outcome and final print of this ballad i fear it got too personal, hence look forward to some constructive criticism from my usual suspects: 0
Harsha Aug 2018
Atomic energy is a good thing contemplated the good scientist
But only for us good people to forget
Lincoln's, Hemingway's and Madame Curie's silent voices echoes from the sidewalk
Where people idly passes by; lost in tall low fat Frappuccino’s
Looking and hoping then ultimately wishing for a visit from Benjamin Franklin
Unwittingly employed by all the dead presidents
These days’ people know the price of everything
But the value of nothing
Makes me gallivant; my own memory warehouse
As I pose this question towards my own psyche;
What is the worst thing I have ever done?
In the name of personal achievement career elevation and prosperity
All everyone ever wants to be is successful rich and richer
Oppenheimer colleague put our modern society in to perfect perspective
Post detonation of the Trinity project - after the first nuclear test
When he gracefully quoted
"Now we are all son of *******"
post-detonation quote of Kenneth Bainbridge, the director of the Trinity project: “Now we are all sons of *******.” It is often put in contrast with J. Robert Oppenheimer’s more grandiose, more cryptic, “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”
Harsha Jul 2018
What hurts more heartbreak
Or getting shot in the chest
While wearing a bullet proof Kevlar vest;
At point blank range with a large caliber bullet
Been there done that
In my humble opinion it’s definitely the steel pellet;
Heartbreak and happiness are states of mind
If you don't mind then it does not matter
Temporary illusions and fleeting issues cloned out of discarded tissues
They do not contribute any real threat nor physical attributes
Unlike a wound from a GSW;
Maybe I am wrong in this regard or am I been too hard
On all the sensitive lovers who cry themselves to sleep curled up in a ball
Eating ice cream, rereading the same old messages waiting the return of their lovers ghosts
Maybe I am wrong maybe I was never connected to this invisible force
But I would highly appreciate your feedback and thoughts
On this subject matter for the sake of all the hearts
That heartbreak undoubtedly seems to hunt.
GSW - gunshot wound
Please respond in the comment section lets start a conversation an argument a revolution let's start something anything and kick heart break and Tuesday in the *****!!! LOL
Harsha Jul 2018
You & me in San Francisco grown men playing dress up plus nerds
With you on my arms I am immediately separated from the heard
The remaining 10% - the jocks only by chance furiously attending
They gaze then pass at you curious glares
As they aim at me their jealous thousand yards stares  
Stupefied and suspecting what we have in common to share
As you turn heads when you glide gracefully across the exhilarating COMIC CON air;
My fellow compatriots classify you as a beautiful figure that does not belong
A goddess among men browsing the NEW 52 graphic novel stall
As you broadcast your angelic smile while you enjoy this overflowing costumed hall
But all eyes are on you – you are the bell of this superhero themed ball;
My fellow geeks suffer in silence and in envious disbelief
Eventually overcomes as they go through their own stages of denial and grief,
Finally admitting this modern day miracle they begin to ponder
If they are in a FINAL FANTASY slumber
Day dreaming and sleep walking away into the yonder
Then they soon realize and dare for themselves to wonder;
If I - a geek just like them can accompany the company of a beautiful girl
There exists NEW HOPE for them too - that things can take an unexpected turn
From the ashes of common misconception and ridiculed rhetoric    a DARK KNIGHT has risen
Avenging a triumph for all nerds freaks and geeks across the world
After word – thanks for coming to comic con with me, you dressed as the sexiest of Valkyries, since I have always been a soldier and you always been an angel you are undoubtedly my Valkyrie – a soldier s angel.  

The common misconception: just because we love comics does not mean we are all losers who live with their mothers in dark basements playing HALO 24/7- more like intellects that choose to go beyond the average and limited imagination.    

To all the so called JOCKS who discriminate their fellow man - gentlemen strip clubs and big trucks are all good but sooner or later they tend to lose interest as they present the same thing over and over again offering nothing for the imagination the inner child and intellect in you to share.
Harsha Jul 2018
Roiling around in bed you counter my affection
With a question
When you asked me why I love you so much
Hence I responded as such;
Because you have silky soft raven black hair
And smooth milky soft skin
Not to mention those big brown eyes with a hint of hazel in them;
Cause your tongue taste like cotton candy
And your ruby lips like bubble gum
Plus your rosy cheeks find perfection
When those dimples arrive at the corners of your smile
I love you so much because you are still naive as a child
And my god you smell like a rose garden in the morning
Like lavender in the evening then as tulips at night;
And I almost die at least 3 times a day
Because every time you get out of the shower
It always almost takes my **** breath away
All this and it has only just been Thursday.
Harsha Jun 2018
Impossibility can be overcome by time patience
And through your good graces
You said we can’t walk on water,
I responded in agreement that long distance relationships are like fat people
they usually do not work out.
You laughed even though tears were pouring like August rain;
I like that ability of mine to shift your ****** features from sorrow to entertained;
But I take it back it is not impossible and we are not fat people,
Wait till the winter I shall not only walk on the lake beneath the tree line you adore so much
I shall dance a perfect figure eight with the help of the metal strokes in my shoes.
Excuses are like ******* everybody got one
So I want us to work on this vigorously and aggressively; like Edison did with his light bulb;
I have figured out a thousand and one ways why this will not work out
But I only need to find out one way
In order us to prevail.
Harsha Jun 2018
If CNN reports there is a meteorite heading towards earth
Hurling through space
Then this is how I choose to spend the last of my days
My last moments on earth burying my face
Between your long legs - In that special sensual place
Or find comfort lost in your warm cleavage;
Perfectly formed from your voluptuous breast  
That makes up cotton candy mountains upon your chest;
If this is the end
I would tilt back my head lock my eyes with yours
As I rescue my face
To come up for some much needed air
Then resume immediately after a couple of breaths
So I could comfortably vanish back into your chest;
If this is the end- then
This is how I choose to face this impending carnage
This last and most unfortunate fate
Buried between your lovely legs or taking refuge submerged in your cleavage
Considering myself to be the luckiest of hostage;
Who s struck with a mild case of the Stockholm syndrome(you see)
Even in the face, of such a great threat, guaranteeing certain death
But yet - feeling completely safe, enjoying the way you taste
Listening to your heartbeat- I am both lost and found in your gaze
Then forgetting this fate - I marvel at your god given grace
Looking forward to the end
I rest my hopes my dreams my secrets upon your cleavage
wrote this last night on a whim - this morning she begged me not to post this she did not consider this as a win. i know this is messy i know it sounds crazy but i had to share this and i am really sorry baby ! :)
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