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its weird to live
where past and future pulls you
in  its black hole
emptying every essence of you
like you are nothing.

its weird to live
where original
is covered with fakes
and being original are
labelled as freaks

its weird to live
where people look
at your mistakes
when the already have
loads of their own.

but its beautiful
to live in the world
where words help me
to escape my own truth
and find peace

its beautiful
that even though life
seems meaningless and purposeless
the meaning of some collective words
makes living purposeful.

hey writers ........ i am a 17 years old mess and i need a help
Aries and Taurus

She was the princess of Mars,
He was the prince of Venus,
She was from the planet of passion,
And he was from the planet of love.

She had a fire inside her,
That he calmed with his nature.
He had a dreading insecurity,
That faded with her crystalline love.

Her heart was a volcanic adventure ,
His was a music of peace,
Her volcanic eruptions reduced  with his support,
And his music got her crackers' beat.

Breaking them was impossible
Both of them had a rhythmic fuss
Both of them completed each other
After all she was Aries and he a Taurus.

Aries and Taurus had one weakness
Compromising was not in their veins
When their rubber of love was stretched
Their weakness broke the rubber with pain.

She pretended to move on with her enthusiastic vibe,
But he suffered with his precarious heart,
The end of their story had no jubilation
Whatever left were the only memories.

— The End —