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Pat Villaceran Nov 2023
Everything I BUILD comes from the earth
Every creation's been CRAFTED with my hands
Thus everything I sow is  an ode to the HEAVENS
and I leave nothing but ashes on the GROUND
Pat Villaceran Aug 2022
Life's so big and beautiful

and bold

For you to get stuck
in this cave that holds


Caged in
unable to move

Because the curtains were closed
and the windows barricaded
from light

But here's your
A message from
Your past lives

To open the door
The key's just there
Lying on the floor


Just like you did
When you were a child
Waiting to open
Christmas presents

Seeking the thrill,
the excitement of the new

Because yes, my dear,
Tomorrow's been waiting
for YOU.
Pat Villaceran Jul 2022
There was this

that says soulmates
were meant to know
each other before they even

And I know
that moment came

When that sunlight hit

your face

One afternoon
that changed it all

The meaning of

Pat Villaceran Jun 2022
When words don't have
The capacity to bleed
Out what you feel and
Inhale what you need

You begin to lose
The narrative, the why
The who, the detective

You play the ploy
Of mind and then
You cannot even move
The bed

You will stay still
You'll crumble down
Until no one else
Creates a sound
Pat Villaceran Jun 2022
Sometimes the fondness
Of what we feel inside
Can't fill the void
Tragedy tries to hide

For we seem to long
For suffering, masquerading
As if it's happiness
We seek

But the irony's what's
Funny, 'cause the turmoil
Boasts of self-righteous

Where it's always someone
Else who is
To blame

And it's always us who's
Done the sacrifices
For the game

It's all nothing
But neediness, preparing us
To be accepting of what we ultimately are

Pat Villaceran Jul 2020
She who dives
down the thorny road
in search for apothecary
to cure the woes

She who didn't
know what she would
find. Is apparently


Then one day  
a Galahad would
come bump her toes


Inevitable, at least.

This blasts a loud boom of happenstance

Helpless ****** in the face of
the egoist

Both come to terms
and apparently
It has to be

It simply has to

Pat Villaceran Sep 2019
Take me unpolished
Savor like it's your last
With all my ragged edges
And my ignorant drills

On how there's still
Hope as we live
And how my will will
Take me endlessly searching

For meaning and Oblivion
The life of uncertainty
Cause sometimes all we need
Is a mockingbird's tune

Something to hold onto
Concrete little words
Like, 'you'll do fine
You WILL get there

And dreams do come true

For I'm all but sane and safe
I knew nothing but taking chances
So, LIFE, take me as I am now
Roughed with malaise
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