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Pat Villaceran Jul 2020
She who dives
down the thorny road
in search for apothecary
to cure the woes

She who didn't
know what she would
find. Is apparently


Then one day  
a Galahad would
come bump her toes


Inevitable, at least.

This blasts a loud boom of happenstance

Helpless ****** in the face of
the egoist

Both come to terms
and apparently
It has to be

It simply has to

Pat Villaceran Sep 2019
Take me unpolished
Savor like it's your last
With all my ragged edges
And my ignorant drills

On how there's still
Hope as we live
And how my will will
Take me endlessly searching

For meaning and Oblivion
The life of uncertainty
Cause sometimes all we need
Is a mockingbird's tune

Something to hold onto
Concrete little words
Like, 'you'll do fine
You WILL get there

And dreams do come true

For I'm all but sane and safe
I knew nothing but taking chances
So, LIFE, take me as I am now
Roughed with malaise
Pat Villaceran Sep 2019
Hoorah them peoples
Who think in one line

I do not know how

Cheerio, those men
Who speak to complain

But don't carry The Burden

Applause for the fools
That act indifferent

Because I feel world's woes

Then Nay for those who try
While no one sees

For it's Us who's alone
Pat Villaceran Jun 2019
I was
conquer life
to seek new creatures
to fail and

I tried to think
I'm better
Just laying
and losing

the jest of it

But I just couldn't


For this
how I was made
to live it all

until the

Pat Villaceran Jun 2019
I don't feel...

like me

I don't see

the light at the end

of the tunnel. I usually 


Now it's just 

Pat Villaceran Jun 2019
I am awake.

Blood's rushing through
My eyes
They make me whole
I was in deep, deep

Deep slumber, but

The sunlight'***** me and
I'm going home

To New York
Where beasts are made
And fantasies come bearing

gifts and utter losses, but
it's exactly why we thrive

We **** heads and shout at peace
The traffic at 45th street
hot dog stands filled with dreams
Lonely writer in her sweats

Coffee shops and yoga pants
people who live in zombie land

But, don't you worry my dear
New York
I'm awake now
Lemme hear you roar
Pat Villaceran Jun 2019
We're running as if
there's an end to this
a point where we say goodbye

When all it is is a cycle
we'll continue to rewrite

Learn, move on, don't redo
mistakes of dear old self
or you'll be left with nothing

but your own dreadful regrets
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