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Poetic T May 2016
And so the elements did wage bloodshed
upon the realms, and the natural world bled
in numbers. Obsidian did dredge seeping
upon natures frail innocence. And weeping
in sorrow as life was entombed beneath.
Its tears of ash sealed eternally underneath.

Cinders were bathed in heavens truthful tears
As the each contended with elemental  affairs.
Oak did lumber forward to entangle all within
roots, as the heavens screamed on soils sin.
Wood did splinter, shards impaling friend
and foe, collateral damage as anarchy did descend.

The earth bellowed as the onslaught of force
did disjoin the soil. A champion would endorse
the others right of battle, blades did clash
as such impacts did render all near by to ash.
brimstone against the clarity of diamond shards
As no ground was won as blows befell within yards.

Fighting still mummers as elements do now crusade
In natural form. Allegiances do switch others made,
Scars still do heal even though such a long time ago,
when lightning strikes a oak, know they are still foe.
Poetic T May 2016
On shaded oaks his hooves he rested
leafs of summer where birds had nested,
with palms he held as fingers gently nestled
asking those who gathered of what was requested.

Wind blew silently through elegant wood melodies,
as creatures listened to soft melody all understood
that he was a creature of lore just like those surrounding.
This musical endeavour, his skill of tune was outstanding.

All moved to these whispers that lingered through air,
as fairies did dance and leafs did sway here and there.
The mood was jubilant as all were in relaxed feeling,
his rhyme of song had been to all so very appealing.

— The End —