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Bongani G-kay Feb 13
Silent the crowd
Followed by a round of applause
After the announce
Greatest performance
Performed the audience
Reformed innocence
In my inner sense
Resurrection of my consciousness....
I remembered
The splendidness that made you a splendor was splendid
a profusion of colors
unfurled from small buds
to bring forth their splendid
spring flower gala
Irina BBota Jun 2018
Thousand splendid stars
At midnight in the garden
Were watching their God.
so effulgent*
the daffodils of brightest shade
so effulgent
bold trumpets e'er magnificent
they grew along the esplanade
showing a splendid tonal grade
*so effulgent
Maggie Emmett Mar 2016
My Maypole mind unravels
reverses centrifugal force
its streamer shreds of ribbons
spinning backwards
in one grand and splendid rush.

Mind loosened and snapped
fluttering free
electric after-images
of me.

© M.L.Emmett
unpublished poem 08/02/99; revised 16/02/2012

Somewhere in the outerspace
strange people were buying
land on the Moon, Mars and
even Venus.

Pluto was afar,
remote and not a real thing!
At All
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic Thinker
Dr zik Apr 2015
A man thinks for those
Who can’t think for others
Pray for those
Who don't pray for others
Without knowing the foes
A man feels friendship with others
When he recognizes his hidden foes
He don’t try to make them friends
forgiving, praying and caring
With his splendid rays of character
Zik Poetry
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
A tale of adventure, A tale of strife. 
A tale of wisdom, a tale of life. 
In the streets of afghan, a quick learner
Enchanted by the kite runner. 

A tale of loss, a tale of gain.
A tale of horror, a tale of pain. 
With strife and hurt, all bestowed. 
And, the mountains echoed. 

As sorrow seeps,
Mariam weeps
A tale of hurt, 
Out to blurt. 
With arrows, bombs, axe and guns
Burnt with a thousand splendid suns.
A tribute to the Afghan writer! Hail Khaled Hosseini
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