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King Tutankhamun Sep 2016
I be the worse coming straight out the hearse
I was dead before i was born
Only to return back torn
In the tomb where i sit to be collected
And selected
To go to this underground club aint no grub
After death cuz all the earthly pain done left
My soul empty now them demons tryna get me
Stuck inside of dream reality seems
Like a one man team
Even though im too busy tryna get out the mainstream
Cuz i aint down with the government intervene
Breaking families through generational curses the worse is
Yet to come wake out of my dream only to come
Back to where it all begins in the garden of Eden casted the first sin
Serpents snuck they way in
Stole all of my riches and dynasty
Went from emperor to poverty to state property
Tribe of Judah finna rise look at objects floating in ya eyes no saprize
I see mexicans jumpin border
Cuz they done took the Most Highs Order
Takin back what belongs to them
TRUmp scared of em
****** them ******* like they did to us
Ashes to ashes dust to dust at the last pie off amerikkaz crust dont trust
What the media says i pray for violence to break the silence ultra violent rays
Shined upon me ya see all these spirits in me
Ready to set free in the atmosphere hear me clear
Amerikkaz nightmare is here to clear
All the chaos as adversaries pile up for the loss
One time!!!!!
****** coming to america just like they did us its coming nothing you can do

— The End —