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v Mar 2021
I’m sinking... alright
these feelings come in waves
my demons are praying that I drown
oh Eternal sea... give me strength
lift me up, God
breathe your living essence into my lungs
I will not allow them to be filled with anything but
v Jun 2020
afraid to jump
because of the possibility that I will fall
but God knows
I was born to fly
v Dec 2019
I'm crawling, clawing my way through this
dark, damp tunnel
memories of the light fading, falling
out of my reach
the tunnel is all I know-
it is not unfamiliar to me
I have been here before
I know the light will come again
v Mar 2019
closed be thy heart
and heaven's gate be closed in synchrony
v Mar 2019
my dreams reveal to me the inevitable
in my dreams you see me
and we are together, as we once were
in what seems like the distant past
but we are bound by our souls
to unite as love itself, once again
v Mar 2019
I come to them with a question
they speak to me subtly, quietly
often in silence
their insights flow as they are understood
as above, so below,
as within, so without,
they tell me
all is not outside of yourself

— The End —