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Mike Jun 2023
there's a photo
of you with me the frame
im off to the side
wishing we were the same
and today, i found that photo
and remembered that day
i was wishing for things
to be as they were
and not much has changed
Mike Apr 2021
what good is a
square jaw
and bright eyes if
you can't get out of bed?
Mike Feb 2021
we had it all
the popcorn
the peanuts
all the salty snacks you could ask for
and then some
drunk degenerate drove down a road
some maniac of a man on a mission he only noticed
when stomach acids burnt the back of his throat
he wasn't always so quiet
he wasn't always so unkept
things change
Mike Sep 2020
i turned a blind eye
a hard nose, a deaf ear
a cold shoulder, to words unspoken
Mike Sep 2020
my head is a circus
my heart is an elephant
Mike Jun 2020
it's always darkest before the dawn
but it's not even midnight
Mike May 2020
you see me in the mirror
you see me on the road
but you don't in the moment
i am letting go
you think it's okay
to let my soul go unanswered
since i seem unbothered
but you have't realized
you are letting go
we don't talk like we used to
rituals are forgotten and got old
i try not to remember the last time
we spoke on the phone
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