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Mike Feb 2
like a ghost ship
from the fog, she appeared -
she had snakes in her hair
and rubies in her eyes
as i drank from the ocean
i wondered if this was my time -
like a ghost ship
carried by the wind, she appeared -
with spiders' webs in her lungs
and moonshine in her heart
i took her hand
to walk together in the dark
Mike Jan 26
automatic doors
never worked for me
- and in a mirror
i saw the past
- and when it is early
the blood rushes to my throat
- and i see red
every time,
i dream
Mike Nov 2019
her fingers crawled
around my mouth
like a spider
Mike Nov 2019
it's almost 2 years
since i saw her last,
her eyes in her hands
and my heart in my lap -
- and it's been hours i can't count
days since we spoke,
i swim in frequencies and signals
and drink in the smoke -
- and these mornings, i fade with the stars,
and at night, i come home late and sit in my car
Mike Oct 2019
i could smell
pink cotton candy and cinnamon in the breeze
buzzing chimes and bells
change machines ringing coins against metal
children laughing and running by
a few cars pass with their windows down and i feel
coarse sand in a damp bathing suit
against my skin
i see boxes of fireworks opening
and the sun is going down
if only i knew this was the last time we'd be there like this
Mike Sep 2019
i miss the sounds of cars
splashing through wet snow and slush puddles
i miss a calm stillness as
snowflakes fall under distant streetlights
i miss the taste of salt
when i slip on frozen city sidewalks
pressure building in my face
i miss wearing jackets too big
and socks too long
i miss the heavy blankets
and the drinks too strong
Mike Aug 2019
there are spiders in my hair
building nests and killing flies
there are spiders in my hair
cobwebs in my heart, and fangs in my eyes
you don't have to do this, she said
as the lights flickered dim
and the rain started to fall
you don't have to do this, she said
i know, i said -
i know.
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