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Jenna Mar 7
Flakes peck my lips;
becoming more numb
with every brush and flutter
Eloisa Feb 4
White flurries descending from the gray sky
Starting to envelope the ground like blankets
Leaves are lovely as if they have trinkets
Naked trees suddenly have ornaments
The cold wind blows the crystals in rhythm
Snowflakes are dancing like tiny butterflies
Winter's beauty truly isn't pale and colored light
The earth's not asleep, only dressed in sparkly white
gracie Jan 10
Dreams of you descend
like flurries dancing through
frosty air, sweetly
as kisses on foreheads, lightly
as fingertips trace the hollows
of collarbones; your tousled hair
peppered with snowflakes
as you smile to the silver sky:
holy communion
between heaven and poet.
Even in ancient visions, your laugh
rings like bells; Angelic Being
I reach out to touch
but you remain
ever evasive.
Valora Brave Jul 2015
I remember running in the snow
at the end we were so frozen
we couldn't feel the bump of our nose
as we kissed
in a blanket of flurries

We left the first footprints each morning
I brought you black coffee in bed
and you would nestle against my head

I spent months avoiding nights spent over
I wasn't ready to feel again
but you seemingly wanted so badly to feel too
It was the darkness in me
that I saw in you

You forced me out by a simple decision
and the truth made a sharp incision
but I heal fast and bleed slow
There are parts of me
you'll never know

— The End —