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fee May 2023
it cooks things
without having to do anything
or even trying
just let the fragments fling
while you hold them in sling
let go and let be
fee Jan 2022
she's a waterfall of curse
carrying a spell
she couldn't carry
they stare with a flame
she's strapped by the fame
remain calm
outrages come
spell the curse
in her sleep
fee Sep 2021
the breeze was too cold
and the sun was too warm
she was a wave of apologize
like a mistake in need of correction
forced to guess every gaze
like a guessing game
the sense is growing
like a weight she couldn't carry
unbearable to bear
too strong to avoid
she couldn't breathe
she did not dare
fee Jun 2021
living in two different tales
telling two different lies
he asked
who am I?
I can't answer
there's no lies to begin with
it's just me
with my various trait
fee Jun 2021
if I could renovate my life
as you'd renovates your place
if I could get rid those lousy-things
as you'd throw away your good-for-nothing things
if I could fix my life
like fixing broken parts in your room
if I could do it over
like painting over the walls
if this life is an interior designs
that possess before and after
if my life that worn-out at "before"
could turn into the glamorous "after"
can I renovate it?
fee Apr 2021
they asked
why am I hurting
I said
is it so wrong for feeling this much hurt just because of that?
do I need more dramatic reasons?
do I need more spesific reasons?
fee Dec 2020
hand me your thoughts
so that if i may
draw on them with the scribbles of lights
blindingly bright yet addictives
wish nothing
but scrape your darkness

hand me your breaths
the sweet breaths of the north wind
even if yours as cold as winter
I'd catch them as they fall
between the curse you would say
melting mine with yours

hand me your hands
for me to take them
palm up as a sign
that we're just imperfectly perfect
like piece of puzzle
as i held yours
effortlessly and perfectlty

— The End —