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Efa Nuryani Nov 2018
If anything, your lies and promises used to and still be my favorite reminiscences...
Yet, my remorse, darling?
Was yearning for your fictitious love...
Giving you a happified privilege to watch me angsting and dying for nothing...

Toxic yeti Nov 2018
The Yeti refusing to leave his
Love slave alone
Went with the her to the wildflowers
As she picks the flowers.
He taps his lover on the shoulder.
And kisses her gently
She falls down
Not out of fear but because of desire was so intense.
She take ms him by his furry face
And they shyly couple and kiss.
Was it the mountain air
Because her skilled lover
She was in esctasy.
She kisses the Yeti and their tounges met in an ******
And emotional dance.
Zead Jun 2015
This is not mine!

your diamond ***
intense compaction and heat
clear like hash gum
red as a cherry until it pops bittersweet
the end is enough
but victory feels naught
years of blood I cough
and hate is what i'm taught.

Away from sane
Pleasures of pain
Try and keep the loose locks chained
Realities plane
From what we gain
Oh life is tamed
From heart to brain
Your name is bane
Now I’m the same
These maggots of shame
Express my frame
The life of death is but a game

The fowls in your lies
They **** out my eyes
Streaking fire harmonize
Along the lines of mental suicide
now lost in higher skies
Known like when a ghost dies
Inegligible melting wax
With a sea of philosophical facts
Tearing your nails for satisfaction
incomprehensible refractions
why try to grasp such fractions
to only destroy your foundation?
like narcotics and communication
or the vane abyss of dead relaxation
Love Tamer Jan 2015
A promise of love,
Years of compromise,
Ups and down,
Happiness and sadness,
Weakness and strength,
Happy memories, children, family...
Professional growth,

Then what?
When your skin, energy and body are not the same,
Someone comes along offering to provide a new start,
New start?.....the same cycle starts.
Then you realize how much you have lost.
What do we take?
Memories and the fullfillment of knowing we did the best we could.

My lesson:
Appreciate today,
Be thankful for what I have,
Love my family and look at adventures to renew within and with my partner in love,
Don't look outside....look within,
Live to the fullest and share it with your family,
Keep humble and don't do harm,
don't excuse your actions, take accountability.

Create a real world, not a fictitious one.
#reallove, #randomthoughts, #honesty, #fictitiousworld, #soulmate, #lovetamer

— The End —