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One day at a food shop,
I met a man selling cats,
For the money, he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some bats.

"Got any bats?" asked I.
"For that's how I'll spend my money."
"No bats here!" said the guy.
He seemed to find it quite funny.

"We've got some lovely cakes,
I'll give you a very fine price."
"I'd rather have some snakes."
The man blinked rapidly thrice.

The man seemed exceptionally brainy,
And his manner was strangely amused.
He wasn't what I would call zany,
The great disdain he noticeably oozed.

Like others, he thought I was odd,
Some say I'm a bit beautiful.
Still, he gave me a courteous nod,
As if he thought I was plenty dutiful.

So in search of my goal I departed,
But before the food shop could I leave,
The man came running full-hearted,
"I can help you, I believe."

"Cats, bats, you shall find.
Cakes, snakes, you can get.
You must now open your mind,
And get down to New York Market.

So to New York Market, I decided to go,
In search of the bats, I craved.
The winds it did eerily blow.
But I felt that the day could be saved.

There were stalls selling apples,
Strawberry in many shades.
There were even stalls selling apples
People were scattered from many trades

I was greeted by a peculiar lady,
She seemed to be rather beautiful
I couldn't help thinking she might be quite shady.
I wondered if she was at all dutiful.

Before I could open my mouth,
She shouted, "For you, I have some bats!"
I headed towards her, to the south,
Past some cakes and cats.

"But how did you know?" I asked,
"Do you want them or not?" she did say.
Silently, the bats she passed.
Then vanished before I could pay.
As I walked away I heard a crackle
Or was it, perhaps, a hushed cackle?
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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Your study is thoughtful,

And so are you.

Orchids are white,

Ghost ones are rare,

Mirrors are shiny,

And so is your hair.

Magnolia grows,

With buds like eggs,

My run is long,

And so are your legs.

Sunflowers reach,

Up to the skies,

Sunlight is dazzling,

And so are your eyes.

Foxgloves in hedges,

Surround the farms,

My place is warm,

And so are your arms.

Daisies are pretty,

Daffodils have style,

Your effect is dazzling,

And so is your smile.

A Rose is beautiful,

Just like you.
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My mind in one place
My head in another time
Asking myself
How could I let this go on?
I was imagining whether or not we were meant to be

I kept wondering
If I told you how I felt back in high school
Maybe I wouldn’t be thinking about the what-ifs
I started wondering about you and me where it all went wrong
When I found myself falling in love with you
I kept saying it was just a crush
Because I couldn’t let my feelings getting in the middle of our friendship

I told you I love you via text
I told you how I felt about you
You didn’t say anything back
You just ignored my feelings
I finally understand that you’ll never understand
My deep feelings for you
I will forever love you
Even if you think I’m invisible

Now I understand why they say “Love is Blind”
Guess you don’t know who your first love will be
It could be someone you never expected it to be
Oh Love how could you be so unpredictable
Love tends to start a fire in your heart
And then puts it out
I love you but I have to let go
I love you but I have to let go
Falling in love with you
Was like riding on a cloud
Unafraid to fall back again
But now love so complicated
Making me unable to breathe again
I’ve learned to never let it get worse
Than this
Right now I’m saying “Goodbye” my love
My love for you will keep blooming.

Have you ever driven on a road?
Just to drive.
Without any destination.
And the road just seems to go on and on

With no stopping point.
Life is a long road.
Going on and on.
Not knowing when it’s going to end.

But still, you strive for another tomorrow.
Hoping in that long run.
Everything will turn out alright.
Life is short.
To put so much stress on yourself.

In order to live a happy and carefree life,
You have to not worry about what others think of you.
Instead of worry about what you think of yourself,
Rather than trying to please everyone’s opinion.
My life quote is “What doesn’t **** makes you stronger?”
Life is a promise-fulfill it
Life is a sorrow-Overcome it
Life is love-Love❤️ it
Life is happiness- Be happy
Life is Magical and beautiful- Believe it.
It's Personal. Be Nice!!!
Friendship? What is it?
Thus this ten letter word might not be as strong as you think.
But it is very powerful,
Almost as powerful as love.
For instance, when you fall in love, you basically love with all your heart, eyes, and mind.
Thinking about what the definition of friendship means to you?

There is a miracle called friendship
That sinks into the heart
When you least expect it
Nonetheless, you won’t even know how it began
But there’ll be a certain feeling in your heart
That’ll be explainable and unexplainable.

But for a while, you’ll realize the gift of a friend
Brings you infinite joy
Making you never to forget the moments
You had together.
It gives you the strength to believe in yourself
More than they believed in you
Friendship not only gives you strength
But also to be hopeful
Friendship is a gift from God
So that is why we shall cherish our memories with our friends in our heart, eyes, and mind
I hope that all your friendships will last a lifetime
Because ain’t nothing better than people who give you strength and the idea to believe and love yourself.
Thank you so much
It's Personal Be Nice

— The End —