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Srujani May 26
that moment
when you
found out
that you
fallen out of love
from the
love of your life ;(
How to fall in love again?
How to live this life again?
max Nov 2020
he broke me more times than i can count,
more times than i'd like to say,
but i still blame myself

i thought it was all my fault,
that i was a bad boyfriend,
that i was the reason everything went wrong.
i was wrong

i think about him a lot.
i think about the scars he's left,
the few good memories there were of us,
that i loved him unconditionally,
his hugs, his touch, his lips, his hair
and the worst part is,
i miss it.
yeah <3
Lyda M Sourne Aug 2019
And I see our friendship
Go down the drain

The past three years
All swept away in one go

And I felt regret
That I left you this way

But I felt freedom
Freedom from the cage you put yourself into

And you may twitter away
How I had betrayed you

But you left me first
And I never spoke
Until today
A friendship gone. We were friends. But they had gone too far and I wasn't okay with them anymore. I didn't want to deal with their toxic outlook anymore.
fray narte Jun 2019
so many strangers,
falling in love
with all the words
i’d written
for someone who has
already fallen
out of love with me;

honey, i wish
you’re a stranger

pariel Jun 2019
i hope i kept an envelope of every being that you uttered

an envelope that i can return to, someday

and hope that most of them are still alive

an envelope filled with smiles, sunflowers, and high-pitched laughter
fray narte Jun 2019
you stood there with sadness
braided to your locks,
and i was pretty used to making homes out of sadness,
and your eyes — they made me think
of both writing poems and running away;
i chose the former
and you chose to smile;
and smiling back felt like jumping
inside a book found in the bottom
of shared beer bottles,
and yet, we read it sober
with our fingers touching
when we’d turn to the next page
and darling, that was how we met.

and there we were gazing at the stars
wrapped in a sunset;
and we named them love
written for a wolf
trapped in a girl’s skin
and a girl dressed
in bleeding moonlights
and together,
we crashed into a fray, unworthy
of being written poems about.
and i loved you so f*cking much,
and even more so because
you couldn’t love yourself
and darling, kissing wasn’t
the most romantic thing we ever did —
it was running away from the world
and darling, that was how
we fell in love.

and running away
was our kind of poetry,
and running away got tiresome
after four books and a couple of heartaches.
and we ended.
like an anticlimactic poem
written by fading silhouettes
atop an abandoned building
as the rest of the world
caught fire and crashed down.
and there you were,
a piece of a debris
escaping my lips and sinking down,
like words in the middle
of a poem i could no longer write,
and i, a pronoun
you could no longer love.
and that was how
we became ashes
without dancing with the flames —
how we became a million pieces
of broken kisses
inside a poem made for two.

and that was how
we became strangers again, darling —

and that was how
pia Feb 2019
we were at McDonald's
and you only ordered fries
there weren't any stars
that night

you held my hand
like you always did
after a meal
your fingers were as cold
as the midnight breeze


you were always warm
whenever we touched
no matter how cold it was

it was strange
your skin somehow felt foreign
it was as if we were
doing this for the first time

you were staring at me
I didn't notice
I was on my phone
your eyes felt different
looked different
I used to describe them as
I could drown in
but now they're just


you were smiling at me
I didn't notice
your smile felt different
I used to describe it as
but now it's just
red lips and teeth

you were talking to me
I didn't notice
you were saying something
about a movie?
I wasn't listening
I used to love your stories
your voice used to breakthrough
my ears
straight to my heart
I used to describe it as
but now it's just


you asked me what was wrong?
I didn't notice
I told you I was fine

we were at McDonalds
and you only ordered fries
there weren't any stars that night

you held my hand
and I held yours
help me tell her
I don't love her anymore
Noah Jan 2018
“I’m over it,”
I say through tears
Months pass bit by bit
Probably going to be years

My words betray me
I don’t say how I feel
Is this some ****** up daydream?
Is this even real?

“I’m over it,”
My heart’s not committed
My room is barely lit
Sobbing over words I submitted

If being melancholic
Was a sort of drink or mix
Then by God I’m an alcoholic
Bartender, show me your tricks

“I’m over it,”
I repeat in the mirror
I’m stuck in a pit
And you can’t make it clearer

You told me I would
Get over this cliff
Honestly I wish I could
But I keep wondering, “what if”
Freijah Sel Yna Jul 2018
I've been holding back the tears
For years and trying to be strong
enough to hold this for so long.

Try to smile and understand
every situation just not to disturb
and cause any trouble to anyone.

And then that night I burst into tears
for I cannot hold it anymore,
and then he asked worriedly..

"Why are you crying?"

I keep on crying and crying,
heavily, I barely breath, then all I can say is,
"I don't know if you do understand me"

My tone sounds begging
for him to finally understand me,
the pain he unconsciously putting on me

And then he answered,

"Babe, I do understand you,
I just don't know what to do"

Now I don't know which
hurts me more,

The thought of he does not
actually understand the pain
that I am going through,

Or the fact that he knows
about it but doesn't care that much
that left him nothing to do
How much pain and hope would you sacrifice for something you love so much that you give out yourself too much?
Tommy Randell May 2018
Life has many costs
To the end
Love is never lost
Between friends

But when the pleasure stops
What then?
Answers come with a cost
Of awkward Questions
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