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Gloria Burns Aug 2018
And I think I’ve finally fallen out of love
But what’s interesting is
I still love him but
I am no longer in love with him
I don’t think you ever stop loving someone that you have fallen for, but it does get easier
  Jun 2018 Gloria Burns
Brandi R Lowry
Saying goodbye
To someone you love
Is like reading the final page
Of an amazing book.

As the last chapter ends
You begin to notice
Just how beautiful
And perfect
The plot always was.  

You appreciate the joy
And even the pain
As you read and thumb
Through every page.

Finally understanding
The moral of the story,
You realize you've reached
The end of this journey.

Although the last sentence  
Is the most difficult to read
Another great book awaits
Once you turn the final page.

Eventually you may stumble
Upon yet another great find.
Or maybe you'll return
To the book you left behind.

You may just discover
Once all is said and done
That this particular book  
Was your favorite story
All along.
For Ty & Des ❤️
Gloria Burns Jun 2018
He’s a **** they said
He’s inconsiderate they said
He’s shallow they said
Give it a week
You’ll hate him they said
But they were wrong
He wasn’t a ****
He truly thought it was the right thing to     do
He wanted me to be ok
He wasn’t inconsiderate
He didn’t want me to suffer more
And he thought I would if we dragged it on
He wasn’t shallow
He cared
He cried when we broke up
And I’ll never hate him
It will take me a long time to get over him
And a part of me will always love him
And I wanted to hate him
I wanted to be *******
I wanted to not want to see him again
And I couldn’t
I couldn’t hate him or be ******* or not want to see him
I loved him
And I wanted to be friends
But I had to keep telling myself
It will hurt a thousand times worse to be just friends
Gloria Burns Jun 2018
I never knew that someone who made everything in my world a little brighter would be the reason my world went completely dark.
Gloria Burns Mar 2018
I was always told
That love was sparks and flames
Skies full of fireworks
That scream out their name

But love is much better
It’s an beautiful vast ocean
A beach where everything
Moves in slow motion

When you go to this beach
You are scared to get in the water
You are scared of jellyfish stinging
And ***** pinching harder

But once you get in
You never want to leave
You’re pulled in by the current
And there is a pure kind of peace

A peace that is joined
By a large crashing wave
It is chaos joining the peace
And they become one in the same

In love you find yourself drowning
And begging for air
But even as you suffocate
You want to stay there

You can’t give up this new feeling
It’s love that swallows you whole
It lures you with chaotic peace
Drowns you and takes your soul

Love is not fire works
It’s not sparks and it’s not flames
Love is not that simple
The ocean is not that tame
Gloria Burns Feb 2017
Tears steamed down my face
My life was starting to change
People say they're always there
But when I need them
They disappear
I'm starting to feel
Really alone
When no one bothers
To pick up the phone
And when I do hang out with friends
I'm faced with the stress
That is my parents
My parents think I'm always gone
They say I don't help
They don't realize I try to help
But usually homework is keeping me
Sometimes I think they deserve
To be told that they don't help
My life has slowly been flipped over
And small things make me sob
But they don't seem
To ever notice that I'm about ready
To finally fall
My friends have always talked about depression and how bad things are. But until recently I've never understood. I wish I still didn't understand
  Feb 2017 Gloria Burns
My chest is caving in
And my arteries are clogged with
McDonalds filth.
And honestly,
Nothing makes sense
I have a lot on my mind,
And blood on my hands.
I'm not even sure
What I'm fighting for.
Girls want guys and
Guys want girls and
All I want to do is to
Stop wanting to hurl my
Homework at the wall in
Hopes of not being so
Stressed every single day of my life.

If Education nowadays didn't equal death then
Maybe I'd be more pro-school and less
Ugh help
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