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A Landstrom Jun 2020
I can here my heart
Always when i get this feeling
This feeling of want and happiness
It is you that my heart beats for
It wants and yearns for you
But my brain is bad with words
Good thing actions are louder
Because without you
My heart would
A Landstrom Jun 2019
Dear Death,
I have nothing left
No more room on these arms
No more room for these scars

Nothing but a empty shell
Happiness left as tears fell
What is left for you to take?
How many more years must I wait?

The light shines bright in my face
Not ready to imbrace
The love she radiates
Lifting off the shoulder weights

Why did you set her apart in my eyes?
To give me hope then turn it into lies?
She said she loves me for being me
But does she truly know me

The wars in my head
The countless of times I wanted to be dead
She can never know what she truly saved me from
I love her even if i dont know where she came from

3 years now I count her as a blessing
I dont feel the need to be depressing
My arms are free of scars
And happiness runs through me like shooting stars

For people who suffer
Surround yourself with love its so much tougher
Be who you want to be
What you want to strive to be

I live after all I've been through
And you can to
But the first step comes from you
And only you
A Landstrom Feb 2019
What doesn't **** you
Makes you stronger
Well the first part isn't true
It doesn't **** it conquers

It wipes over every thought
To the point you think nothing but
And with every muscle you fought
It wasn't enough to even leave a small cut

See this thing takes over
Lives and breathes disaster
Leaving your arms and leg cover
Shutting people out so you speak no answer

Pushing family and friends away
Going to that dark place
Letting your mind decay
Needing someone to embrace

But in a time when everything was broken
I looked up and you was standing there
with a smile on my face my heart awoken
Healing me like walking Medicare

And now 3 years later we are getting married
We grew so much together
When your close I feel like I'm in a sanctuary
Our love for each other is a tether

We survived with each other
Through the bad and worst times
We have watched over one another
To make sure we dont cross lines

From here it's all uphill
Making memories and creating pacts
I love you and forever will
Nothing can change that
A Landstrom Feb 2019
Really is that what you see
A broken human more likely
Searching for what's inside oneself
Forgetting that heart on the shelf

Crying in the dark
For that one spark
To soar them higher
And make themselves brighter

Hiding from society
Giving in to anxiety
Can't speak without a stutter
Or act without a stomach flutter

Only finding safety in words written with ink
Is like having your mind in a prison I think
A written poem may sound lovely
But stop and look more deeply

For a broken mind is complicated
So everything it does must be translated
Deeply studied and documented
And see how bad their soul was tormented

So next time you read a poem
Get the chance to read about them
For a poets life is much different from yours
And who knows you maybe the cure
A Landstrom Oct 2018
If it was the last time
we saw each other
what would you say to me
If anything

Would you use your last dime
To call and find the words to utter
Sing a song horribly off key
Or give a gift wrapped with string

Even nothing wouldn't be a crime
I will just smile and say sucker
As I lay there waiting to be free
Like laying back on a swing

I sit letting my spirit climb
To sigh for I do not suffer
Then begin to ***
From the laughter at everything

From friends jokes and funny chimes
Family who come with faces full of color
Bringing me cookies and hot tea
Thanking everyone for being

So if it was the last time
We see each other
What would you say
If anything
A Landstrom Sep 2018
Can I ask you something?

Will anyone remember the names
Remember those eyes
Remember these pain’s
Or the lie’s

Or will you just go straight to blame
Put it on someone else instead of ourselves
Putting the names to flame
And then the incidents on shelves

We keep our nose to the ground
Because of the topic
We keep ourselves bound
Like we all have atopic

Depression can be fought
But we must start caring for others
By giving what shouldn’t need bought
To pay attention to our sisters and brothers

We must join hands
And fight together
To be each other’s fans
To act as a tether

We need to be the voices
Because other need help
The help with the choices
For the ones that can’t self-help
A Landstrom Aug 2018
This is a song of humanity
It sing for us
Through history
As it gathers dust

For all the misery
It awaits for death
And all the victory
It takes a breath

Through the love
And the hate
It flies like a dove
Not knowing it's own fate

It doesn't learn
So it repeat
It gives nothing in return
And always finds away to cheat

But don't lose faith
Of that curse
It is has no wraith
But always ends with a hearse
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