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Laci Jun 2019
A land. A place far, far away. Waiting.
Waiting for me to arrive. To slowly fade out of existence.
Praying to all gods that they do as they’ve said.
Praying the sky does anything but fall from under me
. Hoping. Begging.
The gods want to know who I am.
I don’t even know. Am I me?
Or am I stuck in this never-ending loop of my existence to one day stop.
It goes dark.
I am stuck alone. In this little humble abode that I call home.
I see my brother walk in the door.
He walks into my room and screams. A scream that could deafen even the best ears.
He runs to me, but I’m not there.
To him, yes, my body is there, but to me. Well, that is just a corpse. A delicate, fragile, useless body that I could do naught but weep in.
I was trapped in that hell for so long.
Now look where I am. Among the gods.
Jesus, Zeus, Buddha all telling me of the day that I will go back.
The day I will walk again. The day I will be born again and go back to roaming this beautiful palace of wonders. And the day where it will all stop. The day I will leave again and my family will be once again stricken with the grief of it all.
Death. Loss.
In the big picture. It does nothing. Not one person in 100 years will look back and ask, “Who am I?”
Because as much as we like to think , in a millennium no one will know who we are, or what we did.
So, I ask myself once again, who am I?
A small, insecure girl. She has a bunch of friends. With only three of whom she can truly be open with. And one boyfriend. He loves her dearly yes, but, in a years time he may not even know who she has.
Or he will. And he will love and cherish her.
But. Only time will tell.
I'm sorry it is so long, I wrote this for class.
Laci Feb 2019
For three and a half years
We were the best of friends,
Hanging out,
We were happy
For three years

You came to school laughing
Walking up to your friends
Rolling up your sleeves.
I got mad.

We stopped talking to you
You told lies.
You made us seem evil.
Wanted us to suffer.
I cried

You never cared
You never will.
I miss you.
I think.

Three years.
We were great friends
We fought, of course
Though, we made up
Why did you have to pretend?
...three years
Not anymore.
My best friend decided to come to school and show me things she knows I have suffered with before and that it would hurt me. It did.
Laci Jan 2019
Like a rainbow you shine over me
Radiating your happiness onto me
Making me feel as if I myself may be happy
I realize now this was nor ever will be true
For I am the one lacking true love and friendship
I pray for you to bless me with hope once more
The hope that will never come as I fade away into the depths of the sky
Resting ever so peacefully in the sorrow that was and will always be
My rainy day

— The End —