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Jun 9
December 28, 2012...I thought my life was over. I felt pain, sadness, and anger. Tears running down my face. It was the day you told me that you "didn't have time for friends anymore" and ended our friendship. I was about to enter the second half of my senior year, I had just been accepted to college, I was getting ready for major surgery. All things I wanted you to be there for, but you left.

Since December 28, 2012 I always felt a piece of my heart would be stuck with you, a part I would never get back. So many firsts I wanted to share with you, but I knew you would never come back. There was a darkness, a hole in my heart, a hole in my soul. I tried to reach out once I started college, but the conversations were short and meaningless. You assured me it was nothing I did, but I knew and felt deep down that it was.

We had slowly started talking again late 2019, very brief, nothing too much. But you asked to meet up if I was ever back in Baltimore. We set a date when I booked my flights to see my friends.

November 23, 2019...I hadn't seen you in 7 years. You had just gotten engaged. I didn't know what to expect when I walked into the breakfast spot. But it was instant, wonderful conversation. We didn't talk about the past, the things that tore us apart, but instead talked about what we wanted to catch up on and the milestones we have each achieved. In that moment, I finally felt the hole in my heart was sealed. Sealed with closure and with connection. Sealed with friendship and a newfound acquaintance with someone who never really left.
Marisa Hope
Written by
Marisa Hope  25/F/Nashville
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