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May 2019
You needed someone, so I was there
I would stay up late
Listen to all the problems
and feelings you bare

You got over the last guy fast
You found another guy for a while
but didnt care if this one would last
You started asking questions about how I felt
I thought you cared
but little did I know... you love mind games
And the cards you had prepared to be dealt
You used my information get this guy
Your ex
I still wanna know why

You could've had him all along
But instead you used me
No caring about how its wrong
You both are meant for each other
You both are the same
You both love playing stupid revenge games

You send me pictures of you two together
Is that supposed to make my heart flutter
Goosebumps form across my skin as if grazed by a feather?
.....Cause it doesn't
You and him can both *******
No longer will I associate with you both
Your a waste of my time
a breathe, or even a cough
Lost Soul
Written by
Lost Soul  F
     Fawn, Perry and Jules
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