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Jack Jun 2022
Journey to endless slumber
to find you in thousand dream,
reminiscing sweet memories,
for this graceful excitement,
from what we used to have,
a wish as existence of you never fade,
a dream permanently stay forever,

even clock stop ticking and my body decayed,
hope for our consciousness can coexist
in the end, I'm the one will be perish...
where my soul keeps wander,
waiting to be together,
at endless boundaries,
havenx Mar 2021
t's fall out here now.


a haven it was once                                                             ­                     

now a mourning ground.


For you this year                                                             ­                                           

wildflowers I leave


The sky under which I walk

the memories you left with me

all bear down on me

inside and out.


I can hear you laughing.

the sound carries

through the cold air.

Serene and sure.


Leaves crunch under my bare feet.

I can feel them.

They keep me here

Even when all other reason fails


I cannot walk into your tomb.

My feet refuse to move

an inch beyond that pretty wood.

So I stand at our door listening

to that soul trapped inside.


A warm voice crooning

some long forgotten song

a myriad of sounds and images

buried behind that door


The sky under which I walk

the memories you left with me

all bear down on me

inside and out.

- havenx
Rona Librada Aug 2020
Cold night breeze
Serene evening sky
Dancing city lights
Walking side by side
Fingers intertwined
Memory lane on our path
People passed us by
A couple they may think
But it's our way of bidding the real goodbye...
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
The long rain passed away
Without taking me away
Sparkling smile fade away
And made me alone

The sad day came again
Darkness of life hit me again
Pulling me into loneliness
And making me cry

Loving memories splashed on me
I tasted its sweetness in full
How can I forget it? the essence of love
Which makes me alive

Immense words of pearls
Which prices a lot
The words of entity
That makes my heart contented

Its my soul
Embraced by heaven
PS:I wrote this poem when I was in 8th🌼
🌿Memories of those who had an enormous influence in our life.
Maybe the one who we considered as our own soul!

Life is unpredictable sometimes, in one way or other way we humans are always alone.🍁
Sameera Krishna May 2020
some souls are ment to be hurt everytime and broken forever.
Lost Soul Sep 2019
I step into the doorway
Goosebumps form across my skin
Four purples wall surround me
I sit on the bed, that almost became my coffin

This is where Lost Soul was made
I heard footsteps as my mom walks in
She says " I bet you miss this room"
But she doesn't know when I come back in here that I'm afraid

I look at the desk where I wrote my last goodbye
That fan dried my tears
That pillow soaked up my nightly crys
I spent so many months in this room
many parts of myself died
I can feel the faint presence of little girl and Lost soul still in this tomb

Thats why...
Ever since I moved out I have writers block
None of my poems trend
I wake up several times in the night
To just stare at the clock
Tick tock tick tock

After every visit...
As I drive home, I feel the room call my name
All the demons want to play
I drown out the voices
But my mind doesn't feel the same
as when I came

No mom, I do not miss this room
You have no clue what went on in here
All u do is assume
I say all of this in my mind
Because if she was to pay attention
Theres secrets in here that shes not prepared to find....
Happy Birthday Mom
Today is my Hello Poetry 1 year anniversary
Happy Birthday Lost Soul
Lost Soul Mar 2019
I watched her fall
hitting the ground
she tried to pick her self up
just enough to crawl
to get away from you
but you drug her close
to do what you thought
she did to you
but you didn't see
the sleepless nights
the endless fights
she had to endure just to be with you
she always protected you
did what was best for you
and in the end you say she's  selfish
left her while she screamed for you
she yelled your name
so she could explain, but you never came
cause you were too busy
playing this stupid revenge game
you watched her fall
you know she wanted to die
but you didn't care
you just put up a wall
she hit the ground
pretended she was okay
but her heart was nowhere to be found
Lost Soul Dec 2018
"i'm sorry "
"i'm here for you if you need someone"
presses send

tears run down my cheek
i didn't realize
how much that hurt
i guess i'm still a bit weak
do u have a clue
i waited three months
to hear the same words
from you?
"if you need someone"
I opened every text
wiped away all my tears
use all i had left just to smile at you
but you just walked away
i stood there perplexed
Now its months later, a guy dies
and i saying these sacred words to you
i hate how i give some much of myself
to only receive lies
"i'm here for you"
you will never know
these tears are not for him
i never met him
these tears are for my hope,
my heart,and my soul
that shattered one by one
because of you
No matter what people say words hurt.
Tell someone you know who is struggling that your there for them.
Unfortunately many of us don't ever get that.
Geanna Jun 2018
I feel like i'm alone
I feel like i'm a lost soul

As if no one will dare
to show me that they truly care

I have an urge to relapse
I wonder if that'll pass

It's like no one can see
that i'm not really free

I want to be at at peace
will that be ease?

I want to hold up my white flag
when I should be playing tag

Maybe one day i'll look up at the sky
and say my final goodbye
~ G.P.O
I made this last year, the day after my birthday
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