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malluraeh Jul 9
If you can have idols
Be your first one
Otherwise you wont be you anymore
DivineDao Jun 8
When I lost my


I never

To be silent
It's my Wright, isn' it
All the Absoluely Together

Anti Arogance
Anti feminism
He approached, approached
He became so nearest
He found them gathering

They remarked them
They all escaped
Except two, who cuddled

He approached with so confident
They were girl and her cat
The fear reached to the top

At their hearts making them vibrated at speed
The wolf moved so slowly
He became sure that he would attack

Without any resistance or any attack
Of them as they were so young
The wolf so approached

Wanted to get some amuse
Wanted to see fair played so clear
As their bodies and their hearts and might appear

Asking for mercy or any wait
He thought he might wait
But he would attacked
After he had amused

He stretched his hand
To cheek the girl check
How it was fresh and had the meat
Necessary to feed his stomach

By his sudden amazing
He found the strong stone throwing
At his eye at correct
The girl did that

Without wait, as she was told
Eye without any fault
His head was downed of pain
He howled with anger and with big

Insist to revenge and get his lost
Honor that was scattered
He howled and returned to jump

To aim the final stroke
When he did that
He found another throwing
The cat was at his head

She hurt the another eye
He lost the whole vision
The girl didn't run
She insisted to make him downed

She searched for great stone or even solid
She found a long rod
The wolf was till wanting to attack
He followed them by his nose sense
He howled to great their fear
To make their disturbance increased

But with his surprise
He was hurt by a strong rod
He tried to stretch his hand

The cat did at speed
She bit his nose
He threw her by his hand

The girl was in anger
She hurt him until he lied
She was not confused

As she feared when she gave him her back
He might get up and attack
So she stroked him hurt

Till his head was damaged
Face the fear with brave heart
Fear the fear itself, you will find it
Getting escaped
the wild wolf can attack,but the honor and brave can break and face any dangerous
Philomena Jan 30
Perfect place to live
Yet so far from home

Perfect person to live with
Yet just as broken as me

Perfect job to be in
Yet a overwhelmed minority

Perfect person to love
Yet worried on how much time remains
Bryce Dec 2018
You are a stone tablet
You are a cold, washed thing
You have fear in your eyes
And the light that shines from you is cold, alone, all over

I cannot connect the things that will not be
I cannot communicate fake things
I will take communion from flowers, asking you to be the petals

We are forgetting the nature of love,
Fogetting that it is mistakes and pain that makes happiness at the end of it
That joy and suffering are karmic and designed
Do not give up on these things

When I can reach no longer for you my heart will pang
The sadness of giving up on a soul that doesn't deserve it
A wanting to give God's incarnations the love he gave me
She will not take it

I do not want these feelings to be the only thing I know, but the fear I feel with you is making it difficult

Please don't play me, I have walked a thousand lifetimes of it and I don't need any more.
Jack Jenkins Oct 2017
If you want love...
   're going to have to
    ...go through the pain...
Such a great artist. Love this verse so much.
Lure Pot Oct 2017
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon
That’s why the moon told me
To love the moonlight forever,
Like you are melting my heart
The world will know soon.

If the moonlight will ask me
How happy you are?
I will keep silent forever
Because of your happy smile.
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon.

When the moon will look at you
To talk to me of my love for you
I will hug you with sweet love
Then the moon will be shy,
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon.

I will not ask to get moonlight
If you love me and stay close
The silver moon loves the ocean
I’ll get pleasure in your touch,
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon.
df May 2016
You made the stars shine every night.
The world revolved around you.

The birds chirped for your existence.
The flowers bloomed in your presence.

You ignited a fire with just one look.
The clocks stopped, because with you, time couldn't be measured.

Except you weren't the person I imagined.
You were just an actor performing for the crowd.

You see...

I used to think you were extraordinary,
but you're simply extra ordinary.

note to self: people can break your heart without even knowing
luna Apr 2015
accept your personality
except when you dont meet the criteria

accept your body
except if it doesnt look like the photoshopped models

accept your clothing style
except if it doesnt fit into the listed categories

accept your weight
except if its not in the doctors average range chart

accept your loss
except if it starts to bring others down too

accept yourself
except if you dont then i will
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