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Zack Ripley Mar 2021
As you wander down this road
That we call life,
Nothing will come easy
Except the bad times
You treat me bad in your ****** times
Every time I wonder what was my crime
With every approaching luxury
You felt my happiness is compulsory
The good time comes and goes
The bad time comes and goes
I adjust with all your temperamental
I always express you as gentle
Here is the end of the story
This repeating cycle is my glory.
A common story of a phase that most couples undergo once or more in a lifetime.
Deepali Agarwal Jun 2019
She has seen it through all her life,
Hardships, failures, pain, everything sad.
Her magnificent work was never awarded,
Neither were her good deeds acclaimed noble.
Her thoughts were laughed at,
Her ideas always neglected,
Misunderstood as being highly ideal.
There is a whole Her world inside,
Untouched by any soul.
She felt sorry, when letting her emotions out.
There were none to listen to her,
None to lighten her pain.
She has always wore this fake smile,
Pretending everything is alright.
But her inner self knows,
she is tormented.
The good quotes irked her,
Since she has had enough of bad,
Yet, her heart always speaks of trying again and again.
It is very difficult to live as an introvert. Letting out even the plainest of emotion seems like a milestone. And this inability to communicate our emotion with others, accumulates inside as a deep hurt. There are two worlds for them, one the fake world, where they are what they exactly aren't, and their own world that nobody wants to venture into.

It also happens that when we want to spill out everything, nobody is there to talk. Directly speaking, in this populated world they are left alone, when they literally aren't.

It is upto us that we should stop judging people by mere appearance and should pay heed to them. Because for some it is really difficult to even say that they are happy.
3 May 2019
the resistant does clatter
its ends against the machinery,
it does so clunk and rattle
against the current which runs through
to the chosen one, the
Brother of Entropy, his unwavering
foot-heel in the doorway
between Insanity, and Stability.

He does, however,
take some time away from
his breathing, amounting
to a few moment’s silence.

In this cold night, he
holds no name or title. Not yet.
The world is not ready for
his being, and his being
remains underdeveloped enough
that its energy is just shy of a sunlight’s beam

and so he sings
to the empty halls,
the resistant current,
the rusted gears,
                           “Where do the old souls go?
                             Here? There? Or inbetween?
                             Do we matter to matter? Are
                             we warm and foreboding enough
                             to bear resistance to the dark?”

The dark dances
between candlelight. Brother, father, creator:
it means nothing to that which
cannot see goodness, or light.

And so he breathes again,
and shoves his boot further through
the door
calculate, the
soulpledgee Jan 2019

It was fun when we laughed together
but it hurts,to wipe my tears alone

The stage doesn't scare me
being alone at backstage does hurt me

It doesn't  when you chide me
it hurts when you show no confidence in me

It didn't hurt when you pushed me on bed
I was hurt when you closed the door,on my face

I gave you my all
IT hurts when you left me following my fall

It's hard when I fail
it hurts when you glare

It's tough to meet every month's need
but it hurts when I can't fulfill your wish
tried touch every aspect of life with good times and bad times
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
It feels like rainbow and sun shine
Like a pup feels when surrounded by other pups
Like a kitten feels when following that red dot on the floor
Like a rabbit feels being above the ground for the first time
Like a bird feels when flying for the first time
Like a cow feels when going outside for the first time of the year
Like a person feels when being surrounded by friends

It is in those moments when they are not
Surrounded by other pups
Following that red dot
Being above the ground
Going outside
Surrounded by friends
They feel alone and down
Depressed and sad
Lydia Jan 2018
I remember the day we had people over because we had just moved in to the house
I took photographs to document the new memories we were going to make here
one of those memories now hangs in a frame on the wall
and all of us are smiling
and now I look back at that picture and wonder where those people went
who those people were
because they certainly don't look like us
at least the new us

the ones who screamed and shouted so loud the floors shook
and cried so hard their ribs felt they may break
the ones who ripped each other's hearts out with broken promises and painful truths
the ones who don't live together in this house anymore
I have now forgotten what it was even like to be happy with you
I leave that photo on the wall as a constant reminder to never forget the good times
even if it hurts
Sankalp Dharge May 2017
I rinse from my tears, when I got home
Don a black fur, coffee streaked on it, hours back
When we isolated from apiece, weeping
Reminiscences drizzling, cold and warm.

You came into vision, gloomed
My eyes were sealed
Whispering, the lot has altered
You and me, terminated.

In the vein of a tree
Whirling you and me
Slowly, sailing into the deep sea
Where float countless mystery.

Unsurpassed things are memories
Blissful among the alluring winds
Afraid among the moaning waves
Lashing and hammering through my wits.

Hope confers my heart
That mending is no less than an art
Love is the cure that slumps hate apart
Time and again, I wish I could go back to the start.
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