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like the act of cat
when rat is chased

chat, chat
mock every heart
trying to be so kind
and let him feeling with hard
that is the most human act

chat ,chat
mock yourself
say i am the Jinn
know everything
but you don't gain
the knowing of the end

the back of the girls moved
the eyes of men becom wolves
the devil tried to act as angel in move
and they thought they did the right do

chat, chat
the wine was poured
the mind was idled
the hearts wanted one thing
the devil flew and might bring
the angels to see the fault of that one
who surely was challenged and chosen
by the God

chat chat
when the angels was brought
the kind spirit attended
the devil spreads the fault
some of men and women escaped
and others might fell into the hell
they obeyed their demand
and forgot thier God
everything went well out of the devil and the fault, when one obeys himself it might leads him to the worst end
He approached, approached
He became so nearest
He found them gathering

They remarked them
They all escaped
Except two, who cuddled

He approached with so confident
They were girl and her cat
The fear reached to the top

At their hearts making them vibrated at speed
The wolf moved so slowly
He became sure that he would attack

Without any resistance or any attack
Of them as they were so young
The wolf so approached

Wanted to get some amuse
Wanted to see fair played so clear
As their bodies and their hearts and might appear

Asking for mercy or any wait
He thought he might wait
But he would attacked
After he had amused

He stretched his hand
To cheek the girl check
How it was fresh and had the meat
Necessary to feed his stomach

By his sudden amazing
He found the strong stone throwing
At his eye at correct
The girl did that

Without wait, as she was told
Eye without any fault
His head was downed of pain
He howled with anger and with big

Insist to revenge and get his lost
Honor that was scattered
He howled and returned to jump

To aim the final stroke
When he did that
He found another throwing
The cat was at his head

She hurt the another eye
He lost the whole vision
The girl didn't run
She insisted to make him downed

She searched for great stone or even solid
She found a long rod
The wolf was till wanting to attack
He followed them by his nose sense
He howled to great their fear
To make their disturbance increased

But with his surprise
He was hurt by a strong rod
He tried to stretch his hand

The cat did at speed
She bit his nose
He threw her by his hand

The girl was in anger
She hurt him until he lied
She was not confused

As she feared when she gave him her back
He might get up and attack
So she stroked him hurt

Till his head was damaged
Face the fear with brave heart
Fear the fear itself, you will find it
Getting escaped
the wild wolf can attack,but the honor and brave can break and face any dangerous
ooh they said at match
as it is finished good for them

ooh! they said to compete
when their team got first

ooh!they shouted at celebrate
when engage or wedding occurred

ooh! they said and escaped
when they stole some pounds

ooh! they called at one
who failed for his leg in love

they may laugh at
or they may wish to be at
love is the way to get happy all over the world,. love mother, sister ,father ,wife and God
nabi 나비 May 2017
when i see her hanging on your arm
hanging like an accessory
i remember what it was like
to have hung on
appearing for just beauty
and i realize how grateful i am
that i gave up my place
because i saw how you didn't care
and despised the way i am
my loud mouth was too loud for everyday wear
my androgynous clothing was too masculine for your style
my devoted interested were to permanent for your living
ad my strong beliefs were not agreeing with yours
so i'm glad
that i got away
and stopped being your accessory
but i feel sorry for any other
that lets you adorn her
for the world to see
yet lets you bat no eye
for her when you leave for home
Last night I was In bed thinking of how pathetic you are. How scared you are to face your own self.

Last night It came to me how weak you are, faking strength and truth that you'll never be.

My dare, I've loved you...but you never saw me. How could you. All you did was swam away every time I reached out for you... All you ever did was retrieved.

...I blame me, I gave you access to the most sacred part of me. I searched you out, wasn't I always could you take advantage of me.

I know now, that it is what it is and that is all it'll ever be. You had me so weak. I yearned for you to set me free, but you enjoyed having me under captivity... You found thrill in that do you, how could you.

Now I swallow up flames I burned and I ache and I'll forever enjoy the pain. Your now just a blur to my taste and toxic intakes on what I'm happy for... For not feeling you no more.

I don't think I'll ever hate you and that is the truth, you let me down but you lost this time around. For you to had me in a maze and feeling like a could you.

Kelly Weaver Jun 2016
I cannot recall
Any recent night
Where my dreams were
Disturbed(by you).
I cannot recall
Feeling anything but
Relief when I see
You with her.
Knowing I'm finally free
A feeling of serendipity
Losing you was my
Most joyous mistake.
The solution was never
To try and erase your
Drawings from my walls
It was to paint over them.
send my best regards to her
Cazandra Leia Oh Mar 2015
I am here
Though i am gone
Just a shell
Empty and souless
I listen to you
Without hearing
I look past
Not really seeing
Fearing feelings
I never dared to feel
francesca Oct 2014
Thrown in a black hole,
Named "His Love."
Years floating through darkness
Of dust and stars.
I have escaped.
I've seen the sun.
And for the first time,
It isn't you.

— The End —