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Abigale May 7
girls are not toys to be played
or wives to be made
a ***
is not above
a time will come
when we will learn this is all dumb
Abigale May 7
Tortilla chips
Wide Hips
no cost
to get lost
in your eyes
I see lies
so answer this question I ask:
was I just another task
for you to check
off your party list, or was I just a speck
floating around
in your mind?
because the last thing
I remember was not some little fling
but it hurt me to realize
all you did was advertise
that our something
turned out to be nothing
I know the poem doesn't really match the title but if you come up with a better one please leave it in the comments below. It would be greatly appreciated.
mjad Apr 28
and just like that
his fingertips know
after two years
they are back home
ashley Apr 23
she is your dearest,
you hold her close, about a seat apart, miles of tension, unspoken words, uncomfortable silence.
she is your beloved,
i wonder how much you think of her, whether you compare her to me, if you’re bored of her.
she is your queen,
you, the knight in shining armour, are never there, she is constantly waiting for your arrival.
she is your sweetheart,
adorable, cute, big eyed, never your type.
she is your happiness,
and you wear her like a medal
simply because you
cannot find it within yourself.
ashley Apr 23
i’m sorry i
broke up with you, i really am. i hope
you still do well for exams- i know it’s bad timing,
and i take responsibility for that,
but this relationship was really toxic
for me,
and i can’t
go forth with this.

i didn’t think this would hurt so bad. it’s okay- this isn’t our first time
at the rodeo.. is that the saying?
i think i should
get back to studying
thanks for giving me my stuff back.
you can keep the teddy bear though

oh, you want answers? well, you kind of took it out on me alot, how do i say. oh. we’re using the word abusive. then you were kind of abusive, and i get that you’re psychotic and whatever but that’s never influenced
this decision
hope you understand.
have a good holiday,
see you in
two months

i’ll admit. in those two months, i did mess around with another girl. you know her. i won’t say who. that’s not the point though. i’m on a ****** vacation of sorts. oh. i’m sorry to hear that. hope you get better. hey, can i definitively say we’re friends?

yeah. it was her. how’d you find out? right, sorry. this school is too **** small. happy birthday, by the way. sorry if the hug earlier this day was awkward- wasn’t expecting to see you there. sorry to hear that. hope it gets better. live your best life, yeah?

everything okay? ah. thanks for the apology. i appreciate it. sorry for the way i handled the breakup. oh. yeah, we’re dating. you don’t have to be happy for me. okay. it’s alright. it gets better. hmm. i get that. i’ve been there before- oh right, i told you this story. i forgot.

well, moving on is just a matter of mindset. i was at my lowest. i made a lot of mistakes. but i kind of just stopped moping about it. decided to turn my life around. learn from my mistakes. just appreciate yourself. baby steps. yeah. see you around.
The Spider Mar 8
sunshine lands lightly on her eyelids,
sparks of orange and yellow
glide across her eyes.

image like a kaleidoscope
colorful and interesting, hard to resist.

a child playing in the front yard
on a summer's day
and laughter fills the air.

she is at peace when she feels the grass
under her feet.

a comforting blanket that she once had
ripped to shreds and sewn
back together again;

a flame in the darkness,
a star on Orion's Belt.

all she feels is the heat of serenity in knowing
that it might be okay now
and the sun has started to peak over the horizon,

covering her skin and
giving her the closure she needed.
For Mark Schmidt, if ever he sees this.
Malloh Feb 25
the tank top you said made me look easy and like a ***** is now my favorite one to wear
i can look someone in the eyes without fear of seeing anger
i may still flinch quite often
yelling might still scare me
and there may be intimacy issues because of what you've done and i hope that it haunts you to your grave
and you sometimes show up in my nightmares or i hear you criticising me on the things i choose to do or the people i choose to see
and what you did to me within those seven months of dating sometimes show as clear as day or hide in the darkest corner of my mind yet i never speak a word of it no matter how much shows


three years after you and your *******
i had two arms wrapped around me
and he made me feel more safe in one night than you ever did
you have no hold over me anymore
Broadsky Feb 7
There we were, slowly kissing, hands finding their old familiar places. Your mind is as quick as a whip, and has the sting of one too. Your words slide off your silver tongue and into my fresh water river. I pause and take a break only to be left on the edge of the bed crying into my water cup, with you there, back turned- you're cold. You're cold and prideful, didn't I know this? Didnt I know this before climbing back into bed with you, you sly snake devil with blue eyes. You have left me with a hoarse throat, a battered heart, and a dry empty river bed. One day I will flourish again.
April 5, 2018
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