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JGuberman Aug 2016
When you said "I love you"
it was like a room that was built
on to an already finished house----
always an afterthought.

When you said "I miss you"
it was like drinking coffee
from a teacup----
it never made a difference

But when you made
the mountains we had built up
into valleys
I asked "why?"
And you said
SassyJ Mar 2016
The daffodils are springing
In the bloom, the pollen toss
The bird sway as they sing
I sense your touch in my all

Take a little longer ahhh
Take a little time
Just forget to forge
The gorge you left whole

The pavement I step, rolling stones
Each pierce my heart, the yesterday
I am not a magician neither a mystic
To foretell your heart strained desires

Cascading motions or emotions
Anticipated notions and collusions
Erosion of the past demolish solutions
Fainted resolution my contradiction
Having a terrible flu!... but still recorded!
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As mother nature's
Punitive measure
Against a society
In maintaining
The statuesque
That doesn't bother,
Our rivers
Had become subject
To a water thirst,
To the extent
Of projecting
Rocky ribs
Terrifyingly protruded out
For easy count!

But now thanks to
The all-out, terrace making
And reafforestation effort
Of each catchment
Farmers have made a point
And also  to the afforestation
Move of the government
Rivers aside from quenching
Their insatiable thirst
Have resumed
To brim over
With floods
Drinking water
To their hearts' content.

Our forests once stripped of
Their wooded cover
Have started, fast, to recover
From afar they are seen
Robed eye-catching green
From a fry-pan sky
Allowing a shelter
Also busy
Carbon to sequester.

Wild animals
That migrated
Have preferred
Back their way to find.

Now farmers don't have
Deep to dig
To sink a water well
Or find a nearby spring.

Birds are heard chirruping
Be it winter, summer or spring,
While Brooks bubbling.

Buzzing and hovering
From this to that flower
Bees are producing
Organic honey by the hour.

Promising a bumper harvest
Farmer's plots have
Fortunately continued
To resuscitate!
Those leaving
Their denuded abode behind
Away, who preferred
To stay
'We will return back
home soon! '
Is what
They  say.

Happily enough
Mother nature
Affords us a second chance
Imbued with
Environment stewardship
If  we are willing to mend
Our wrong 'Feast today
famine tomorrow! ' stance.

To dispel the spectre
Of climate change
And systematically face
The global challenge
True to the adage
'We have either to
swim together
or sink together! '

Hence in fighting the challenge
Or adapting to the change
Back scratching,
We have to be on the same page.

Indeed, irrigation must
Not slip our mind
For erratic rainfall
A  lasting solution
If we must find.//

Once a famous Ethiopian Poet  Pro.Debebe Seifu Who had passed away had  penned down a picturesque poem lamenting the land degradation, deforestation and change of climate the country was suffering.The bad scenario seemed unrecoverable.Now a days Ethiopia is reversing that sad episode.I have therefore to write a poem on this
#change   #trees   #erosion   #climate   #deforestation   #enviroment   #degeradation   #desertification
Once a famous Ethiopian Poet  Pro.Debebe Seifu, Who had passed away, had  penned down a picturesque poem lamenting the land degradation,deforestation and change of climate the country was suffering.The bad scenario seemed unrecoverable then.Now a days Ethiopia is reversing that sad episode.I have therefore to write a poem on this.
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
O’Silky smooth ballsac
Stuck to my leg
Ever-presence defines manhood
As tree defines fruit
And as fruit defines tree.

Ne'er such a sense
Overwhelmed my hot-spot
As this dangling (oval, skin and nerves of)
Oily pouch

I cream.

A line as destructive
As the San Andreas
Fault- O divine chafe
You reduce me
You erode me

As if we rented *******
Inspires by some none too pleasant chafage that I experienced on rental bikes in Berlin and Amsterdam.
So much depends
on a yellow

Caked with mud
Beside thoughts
of payday
This poem is based on the famous William Carlos William's poem...
B Nov 2014
Wind erodes rocks over time
Words fill voids over rhyme
You were my rock
But time and feelings have eroded that rock into a pebble -
soon nothing but sand will remain.
22:16 BST
I will love you so fiercely
that the sun's love shall never again feel the same
nor hold you hypnotized in its beauty.

I will drill my way
to your heart
though it may be a tedious task.

I will peel you
layer by layer by layer
until all that is left of you
are your organs and your soul.


Once I too am inevitably consumed
by the tide of this ordinary life.

If I have not ******
the life
out of you
in an attempt to show you how strong my love is,

And if you happen to outrun this love of mine:

Play hopscotch
on my tombstone
and pour tea parties in the graveyard
in my memory.

I promise to attend.
Baby May 2014
You know that bowl that I carry around in my belly?
Too heavy for my frame, I've carried it precariously, trying not to spill.
I've used it to catch the steady drip that's been there since forever. I've used it to catch the rocks that I hurled up like a juggler (to find where I begin). You've taken it, and now you're swirling the contents, rinsing them with your own feelings, your own words (yourloveyourloveyourlove). All the garbage, the petty insecurities and fearsfearsfears, wash out and leave behind the heavier stones and metals that I've used to construct myself, contain myself.
The material of my foundation exposed, you continue to rhythmically, relentlessly reduce me to the shimmersilt at the bottom of the bowl.
Until you're left with the specks of gold that you say define me.
The evidence of treasured trust that remains after I've allowed you to dump out my contents with gentle, sweeping motions.
Andre Baez Apr 2014
You say to cherish the moments we have together

Even when they are clearly imagination

A portrait of what we should be

But not of what we are

We are a love crushed and thrown into the wind

To be spread apart and around with water and sand

You say that I should be happy to be spending another night next to you

My first inclination is to agree; however, why should I?

A temporary sleep is nothing to the daily shifts of work called life

Sleeping next to a beauty means nothing to me

If she flees from the nest once dawn arrives

A pretend game, show and tell, truth or dare

These are the premises of our current affair

You told me you loved me back more than three years ago

That was the day that gave birth to my definition of love

Which, since then, had been the 5'3", hard headed, easily frightened, highly motivated, shapely bodied, truthful and faithful (mostly), never lazy, mostly hastily, moving rapidly, lovely catastrophe, and black beauty, which you have always embodied

This is still my definition, but now I'm wondering if the thesaurus has any synonyms to offer me

As much as it's it's hard for me to turn a page ending the word play that has influenced my life since I was sixteen

As a twenty year old man, I must say, it's hard to keep a steady hand off the page

Moreover, Investigations into your movements are made by me daily

Yet never to avail, these fruits are not stationed for the picking

Even if they were, they would be a sturdy shell for a rotten core

For that is where the heart collapses

Your heart, and it's love for me

Not without reason, and not completely forgotten, as you ask me if I'd like some pizza

However the delivery man, never delivered anything to me that I couldn't have obtained by myself

Way back when I looked to you to deliver me from myself

Knowing that is a fools desire and an even bigger fools conquest

We are lost in usefulness but high in meaning like Latin

Maybe some great magician will appear and grant us a perfect match and happy separation

But I doubt it, just as I doubt the curled lips of your smile, as you ask me about my day.
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