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I look forward to the day
I fall in love again
This time with someone new
But just as I once did
When I fell in love with you
The days that are slow
Are the same ones I hate
Too much time to think
Mind quickly gains weight

I think of the past
And then think ahead
I'm done with this day
I'll sleep now instead
Just press pause
Then hit rewind
Take one deep breath
Go back in time

We're always young
That's where we start
Don't miss your youth
It's in your heart

Happy Birthday
You can't just take back
What's already been said
The words have come out
You've now made your bed

sleep in it
You took our things
And boxed them up
Put them away
Into the dark
At least when they're hidden
You'll have a chance to forget about us
A deep sea of time
In which I float
Diving down under
A story is told
Ships pass from above
A memory vessel
Coming and going
Each one a lesson
Dive deeper still
Touch down on the bottom
Feet in the sand
Drown in the forgotten
When I'm gone
I won't look back
I told myself so
I'm not leaving darkness
But rather
I'm leaving light -
Quiet mornings in our bed
Laughter in the kitchen
My head in your lap -
Sometimes it's harder
Forgetting what you love
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