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Martin Dove Feb 11
Wrapped up in a struggling cloud of comprehension
We funnel through a discriminating vortex of environmental interaction
The influence of which is of grievous importance
That being the leading criteria for the evaluation of our being
Martin Dove Feb 11
Truth be told
my life is a mystery
on a course to unfold
i do not know its meaning
and have yet to learn the being of myself
but it is imperative that i learn the deeper basis of reality
If i am to circumvent this ever-spreading void
The void separating existence from extinction

i like to think my intentions are pure
and that i understand the world
Thus make decisions that do not need
to lead to inner emotional warfare
But i know it is not so
so many things done are abhorrent and gruel
i anticipate the pain yet to be endured
points in life, of ever-present horror

It is truly a mystery
the answer is not known
for i do not have the right question
To end this speculatory heuristical navigation
Martin Dove Dec 2018
You drive forth what has been driven before you.
You sit in the front seat
for half an inch.
Then the next successful combination overtakes you
and leaves you sitting on a bench.
Martin Dove Dec 2018
So let me get this straight
i'm living out my faith?
Evolution equipped me with patterns
that are impossible to break?

They can be quite useful
for they really do help
to navigate this world
and continue building
what has already been made

all we have is the illusion of authority
.free-will could never be free.

It’s too expensive for the universe to manifest.
It would be impossible to change the pattern of all that energy
with just the impulse of a few thoughts
Your brain with all those neurons
All those connections
All that information
All those algorithms embedded by selection
All those mechanisms, that created your body
All the baggage...
has been dragged through time since the dawn of life.

That honed pattern of existing
could not be broken and changed with simple thinking.
So with this in mind, i'm simply left here thinking.
Martin Dove Dec 2018
A child is born
To a family of nothing
He is abandoned by the counterparts
And left to a life of unjustified struggle
Brought up in economic and emotional poverty
The child continues spreading
Form the outside in
From within out into the wind
The hurt spreads like spores
Be wise to stay clean
Remember that the antidote to evil
Starts with the compassion to think
Martin Dove Dec 2018
When was the last time you cried when
an ant hive was ruined to put a new building in place?
When was the last time you cried when a rich coral reef
turned into a dead waste?
When did you last changed your behavior so that
the globe would stop heating?
After a wound, an adaptive system stars healing.
Its antifragility leads to a stronger being.
The World’s wound is caused by the disease called “Humanity”
The wound does not resemble a skillful, sterile cut of a surgeon
It’s more like a boiling vile of acid poured over one's back
leaving bare bones with denatured flesh dripping down the spine
Yet still even after our **** nature will once again repair itself
It will heal and allow another disruptive ecological breakthrough to happen
When did you last notice that we are just another species?
Not that different from ants, to which we had no compassion
When was the last time you played around with the prospect of annihilation?
This is all so stupid, sorry. I didn’t want to mention
We are insignificant animals ripe for extinction
Martin Dove Dec 2018
Who says that you cannot achieve your wildest dreams?
That you cannot be who you want to be?
Ignore that nonsense and keep on going

The Truth of the matter is
that the matter you call ”I”
has its set limitations
Determined by nature
Impossible to overcome.
There is just the space in between
left to conquer
Nothing else can be done
But still (with very low probability)
you just might be the one!
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