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from the cradle to the tomb
something, something - here I boom

the thoughts in your head
are your only threat

get rid of those
what’s left? who knows

discovering the purpose
no limits, no “no”s

i am the vortex
flow where it flows

at the tip of it, woooh!
if not us, who knows

no shame
no clothes

light a blunt
here it goes

the unstoppable flows
riding by you little hoes

i’m coming for your neck
wrapped in this thread

turn the lights before you close
after the head and empty clothes

hear it calling in my bones
says one who thinks he knows

death is with you
it always shows

whispers blow
it’s time to go

no life to spend
on fear. too slow

i need my time
lived out in full
Martin Dove Mar 2020
Don't drop the needle
you are trying to thread -
it will someday bring you bread
Sustenance for the soul
that’s filling with void
You try to avoid which
you cannot a-void
Work with the emptiness
and fill it with joy
Even when you know
it will end with more toil
Martin Dove Mar 2020
Drowning in a deepening pool full of tomorrow
our pleasant existence has come to sorrow
Do we want to endure?
as if there was a choice
we buried the past
now dig deeper
for tomorrow - it comes
Martin Dove Mar 2020
I see myself through the eyes of a flying raven
walking down a labyrinth of nature's structures
taking a turn
then turning back to take the
only to take the "Right One" again a few moments later.
walking with my fellow prisoners
trapped in the same human race
how lost!
we only see our narrow view...

we advance through the streets
hoping to quench our hurting hope
can you see? we never will!
not forever
not even for long
the pleasant feeling will last for a bit :)
then, soon after, that moment will come
to change everything
so that everything new can become.

until the day there is no
until the day there is
no more
Will we ever get it Right?
Martin Dove Feb 2020
I just like holding you.
                                          I never heard it like that.
Martin Dove Jan 2020
What is life?
Depends on how much you want to grasp.

We can use a few definitions:

It is an iterative loop
of gathering input,
interpreting it,
deciding on a course of action,
doing it,
repeating it.

It is a process of molecular biology
building machines,
which transfer [genetic] information,
and evolve into ever more complex forms
in a growing web of interactions.

It is a conscious experience
- maybe that's all it is -
maybe it is nothing special.
but I sure want to know if it
is multi-level, does my body
experience various levels of
experience? Is it something
like to be my cells?
Is it something to be a country,
the internet, all of interconnected

What is it?
There is no single answer.
All of it is true. All of it is life.
Martin Dove Feb 2019
Wrapped up in a struggling cloud of comprehension
We funnel through a discriminating vortex of environmental interaction
The influence of which is of grievous importance
being the leading criteria for the evaluation of our being
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