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When we met

We didn't know each other
How could we?
We didn't know ourselves

We fell in love with ideas
Not human beings

With stories
Some true. Some not.
About Us. Me. You.
About them.

With each day,
I fall more in love

With me
With truth
With you
With love

Aren't they the same?

The stories that weren't true
I flip upside down
And read them again

But my vision
Worsens in hard times
My emotions cover my eyes

I lose you for a story
I wrote in my head
Always incomplete
Only good or bad

But you and I are neither
Or we are both
Either way
I hope to see you
Because you are better
Than anything
I can write

-Evangeline Ruth-
Moving into color

First poem
Borderline Personality Disorder
Luuk Dec 2017
There is one big illusion
We have a spacious room, where you are living on your own
Filled with perception
The concept of identity that you know
The limited illusion of the self

It only creates confusion
Because now we’re separated from eachother
Though we think it’s not
We only have to learn to
Let the e-go
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