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Kimberly Feb 1
Epitome of despair
A little Impaired
Agony and hatred
Entertained by Clair

-Oh, Clair how are you?
Kabelo Maverick Sep 2020
"…walk a mile in my shoes,
talk a smile to what I choose…"
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
My healer,
the one who rubbed
ointment on my wounds,
calming and relieving the pain.
Who's presence was the epitome
of comfort and love.

Has now become the stealer,
of my happiness
and the exploiter,
of my kindness.
Aayasha khan Aug 2018
The one who held on to us
In times good and rough
Placed all our needs on his shoulders
Made us into tough little soldiers

Never tired is he
Nor sleep does prevail him
Kills all his days to make ours bright
Our eternal light

The epitome of love
A blessing from above
Leaves behind all his desires for ours
His sacrifices can't be told in mere words

Someday I will be like you
Loving everyone true
Binding through trust and care
A family we will all bear
Love  you dad
Sabila Siddiqui May 2018
The epitome of love.

A star made of combustion
Of crimson and wild blue.
Her smile like a cresent
shining bright
from an afar Galaxy.

Vibrant as sun rays,
And soft like the moonlight.
Tremendous as lightning,
enlightning the dark sky
with a spark.

The paintbrush
that paints vibrancy
on the dullest of days.

A soul that burns with ferocity,
Whos hands are always busy
scrubbing, moulding, cooking
But her touch always caressing with love.

Who's voice can be the ocean
Calming and soothing
Or as loud as the seas
Roaring and crashing in a storm
bursting away personal confinement.

But she rows
Even through the sea of troubles.
Nothing is too heavy
She marches on.

Who sacrifices and compromises
To deepen skies
and hand stars to hold.

Who's love I cannot comprehend and stomach
For she grows flowers from pain,
Inhaling O2
And Exhaling O3
Transfiguring weeds into garden for us to play.

She is the incarnation of love.
Aliza Manalac Aug 2017
Once you learn the epitome of being a model,
you will either compare your perfections or flaws,
despite what you wish you had,
a skinny and petite body,
a healthy and fit body,
being taller,
being shorter,
having a thigh gap,
having no thigh gap,
one should not be immune to practice self-love,
because loving yourself is the best you can do to your body.
hadley May 2017
it's in the moments between dusk and dawn that you realize
you love him
twilight dissipates, and the silence becomes just another safety blanket to get you
through the day
it's as if your truth was perishable
like another cheaply bought fruit from the corner store you frequented as a child
but as the night grew more embracing
you found yourself renewed again
excited by the revelations
as if God himself would be envious
of the clarity with which your pillow spoke of
I was an epitome
But not a typical one
I was embedded in the past
With no words to flaunt
I was haunted
But I am grand
Kabelo Maverick Apr 2016
Open sesame,
grant passes to all and hail the King of hypocrites
Omens sense me,
plan the masses like Hellboy the grail of things opposite

Play the field, to be cruel is to be kind, man…
I paid the bill, so be good to be mine then
Judas kiss was a diss…Jesusness was bliss
That’s why I kiss both cheeks

I’m on guard, take the World it’s yours
What kind of God saves the World with laws??
Leslie Jade Mar 2016
a heap of vehement thoughts
rumbles & together falls

the agonizing heart
will dost be thou art

profanities turn into sweet sound
all that can never be pound

feelings were adamant
thyself shall rise from the fall
just trying to use new found words but yeah hope u like it
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