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Then feelings started to fade away..
I'm having a hard time really
Put you in a situation that only you can move
Never minding the possibilities what people that surrounds us may think
After the quest i gave in. Looking forward to what you've done
I found nothing, nothing but self pity
So may I ask, who's irresponsible between us?
Me who always hide in the shadow of responsibility but works?
**Or you who always took up the light but no words?
I may be completely insensitive with the case
My eyes narrowed for a chase
But it seems that you don't care
Willingly i want to help
But for a reason I'm too scared
Facing my fears is no game
Trembling hands and heart in an ace
How will i survive?
Would you help me?
Or should i allow myself to be drowned?
Drowned with the feelings i cannot contain.
And then he was gone
As suddenly as he came
Stole your heart
Expanded your mind
That smile on your face
It went with him
The warmth he gave
Replaced with winters cold
Your mind in shambles
How and why
The what did I do's
All because
He came in as a tornado
And as the sun set in the western sky
Turning the earth to muted colors
He took your light
Gave you shades of grey
And he was gone
To remain alive while becoming weaker,
That's what it means
Just like my love for you
I feel alive while loving you
Then you, You became weak and chose to let me go.
Blinded by the sun that you gave
Losing the moon while counting the stars
Missed the rainbow after the rain.
You're the love that I have hoped for*...
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