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Anastasiia Apr 2020
We wake up on being called.
When you open your eyes in the morning,
listen to the voice inside.
The first thing that comes to you is
the sense of ‘I am’.
Isn’t it true?
It was consciousness’ voice
waking you up to a new creation.
Adesina Temidayo Mar 2020
I don't jump into conclusions, though Each step I took was at bizarre pace
I don't look b4 I leap, I think life as an undecided fate
In reality it doesn't look as if i'm at war, but for real I know my life's at stake,‎
I lied if I said I wasn't over thinking every single time my mind is awake,
While the whole world around me is fast asleep,
I'm either looking at the stars, gazing, or i'm counting the lines of the ceiling,
From one thing to the next my mind races,
I cant even focus, I don't know what my mind's chasing,
I'm on this mountain peak n I know i'm terrified,
I don't even have wings, but yet I want to fly,
Do I even have the strength to suffice?
If I dive from these heights and hit the surface will I survive?
Literally my dreams are wild,but in my MIND I live in paradise,
That's the only place where I own everything I want in life,
Where I could fly around the world the way I like,
And this is the 100th time I just successfully thought about being the most successful guy alive,
In my MIND I call the shots, I **** every threat I see,
In my MIND is paradise, very similar to eden's garden
Right there I wish I could live, somehow I hope fantasy was real
But Then my phone alarm buzzes, snaps me back to reality,
The opposite of my thinking, 
My consciousness awake, my thoughts frightened,
Because everything around me questions my means of surviving, 
Its 5am already, my eyes widened,
I picked up my phone to **** the buzz, as I stand up to fight against reality,
A place i'd rather be, a place BEYOND  my DREAMS.
TheMystiqueTrail Oct 2018
When the river flows
to the cliff for its deadly plunge
into the maelstrom of nothingness
that defines the soul of the netherworld,
you enter into the nirvana
that rests in the stillness of your consciousness.

Heaven's gravity holds you up
to glide over the mundane!

— The End —