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JV Beaupre Jun 2022
at the outdoor bar on the beach
And all the golf carts gather around.
Some Elvis and a few more beers
No millennials until sundown.

In that little deuce coupe,
the Beach Boys run around,
Surfer girl's a Pasadena lady,
And surf boards are all aground.

Now I long for yesterday
When oldies were the craze.
There goes the sun and I say,
Hey Jude, here's to better days.

I ride back to the boonies,
thinking when oldies were newsies.
Wake up little Suzie,
we gotta go home
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
and the King,
plagued up
to his neck
in denial,

turning remote
into staffs,
staffs into snakes,
and hounds,

shaking the sistrum,
singing gospels
full of mystery
to a god,
a girl,
and state of mind
he will never solve,

asking skies
of transulent
from the far corners
of his world,
for pharmacopia,

then granting
his freedom
in exchange
for a box
of hot glazed

and always
his little
wild petunia,
painted face
and percolating
skin smooth
as the eastern Delta,

her weighted down heart,
his tyranny,

his self-destructive tongue,
her asp

JV Beaupre Jul 2021
The Venetian Red fish
Slithers through the magentic sky,
Sniffing the violence of electromagnetic vibrations,
I, behind the branchia, spur her/him on,
Far away, the sight of thunder rumbling and static,
Feeling the inky indigo of the mirage of toothy desire.
Hearing cold textures of slippery fishy scales,
Tasting the black velvet Jesus, Elvis, and Nixon,
Our banner.

Oh, that can’t possibly happen said Jonah,
As he was enveloped by exactly that,
A piercing cacophony of clashing color
That resolved itself into the image of his ex.
No more, no more.

The red fish jumped the river Stix,
Halting at the 7-11 from hell.
A seventh circle infernal Powerball anyone?
A hellish scratchie tempts my soul.
But my lucky number is a binary: 1-oh,1-oh, 1-oh.
That’s hell for you, unsymmetrical.

Needed, perhaps a chance encounter,
with an itinerant puzzle person
Would they sort the senses and find truth?
Could that help or should it?
He winks and I don’t believe her.

A stolen kiss thrown
At the 2018 Little League Playoffs at Southaven, Mississippi
Still echoes in their brain pans and mine too.
The dull stylus of dangerous thrills
scratched my pancreas as Jim shoveled his lunch.
But I have better manners than that.

In the chaotic magentic atmosphere,
I mount my scarlet stead,
and move on-- as you should too.
Adieu. Adieu. Adieu.
Just a bit of nonsense.
The inspiration was a fish in H. Bosch's "Temptation of St Anthony" which hangs in the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon
Karijinbba May 2021
Hilton- Travel lodge-95.
Jealousy is a very damaging
emotion. My family all dead
by jealous men and women
I avoid jealous people.

I was furious with your
call girl jealousy stunt card.
just not to tears with
a woman crawling to you!.
You deserve much better.
You deserved me.
Loving you eternally.

As for your heart diamond ring
promised for my tears
hiding in your coat pocket!  
I can't cry in jealousies for it.
Couldn't you bend your knee
To put it on my finger?
O it wasn't in the script!

I meant asking you to though,
In the pre nuptial agreement.
Sorry I didn't bleed for that too.
Now look here eons later.
See my lifeline roped in sadness.

The trails of graves lined up
My many loved ones buried.
Our children never born then.
You left without asking!
But only misery and pain
I found.
 Jealousy greed malice
butcher human predators
were deadly treasure thieves too.
Butchers, twisted in laws
Childless Jealous baby snatchers.

As for Angelina ASG-BBA
and JPC- RDD
Lost and found,
groom sat bride me free.
"If you love someone,
very much, set beloved free
If dear one returnd
Is all yours, if not,
loved one never was."

We both missed our mark.
but darling beloved
Don't leave empty handed
Take me with you.
Take everything it's yours.
It belongs in your real world.
Take that old grassy hill dear one.
Those many treasures you buried,
left for me to harvest;
Script and all.
Take my children too.
I won't miss them
Not if you have them.
You are the best father
Best friend best teacher.
Best ghost companion to me.
Take my heart my brain too
my courage along
I need them not here in hell,
this unreal cursed world.
Physically alone.

Nothing makes sense here
You kept me company
all through this years
I understand you now
my misfortune is loving you.
Your promise my company.

"We'll always be together."
Twin flame souls.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Are you lonesome tonight??
Elvis reminds me of you..
Chris Chaffin Jan 2021
In 1972,
Nixon shook hands with Mao
and the world turned its back on Taiwan.

In 1972,
Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka,
Okinawa returned to Japan,
and Jane Fonda became Hanoi Jane.

In 1972,
twin Olympics were held,
hungry tigers on wooden skis dashing
down the white slopes of Sapporo,
while the streets of Munich ran red
with the blood of slain Israelis.

In 1972,
Elvis was still the king,
Elton wasn’t quite the queen
and Prince was still a quiet teen.

On September 21, 1972,
Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos
placed my grandmother’s homeland under martial law.
I was born that day
while my grandmother wept.
Paul Butters Apr 2020
As I walk out of my door
A clichéd cacophony of birdsong
Surrounds me with beauty
And uplifts my soul.

Yet we humans too love to sing
And play those instruments:
Creating lullabies, arias, symphonies,
Serenades and rock and roll shows.
To name but a few.

Angelic choirs in lofty minsters,
Lifting us up to the stars,
Embracing God in Heaven.
Heavy metal bands
Thrashing out thunder
In stadia seething with singing fans.
Brass bands too: trumpeting and rumpeting
In a crescendo of sound.

Hear those trembling triangles and sublime wind chimes.
Feel those bouncing drums.
Twanging, sweeping, swooning
Plucking, soaring, crying
Tinkling pianos and weeping violins.
Whole orchestras of mind-blowing sound,
Welsh rugby crowds
And the Liverpool Kop.

Magical music:
From spiritually haunting
To simply getting laid.
Bringing out the animal in us:
Passion and desire
Raw emotion
Or else the supernatural
Ethereal skyscapes
Sometimes sheer dread
And horror.

Watch any good film:
The musical score is everything:
“Star Wars”, “Gone with the Wind”, “******”
“Battlestar Gallactica”, “Ben Hur”…
Beethoven, Mozart, The Beatles
The Stones, Queen, Genesis…
So much to love
Chuck Berry and Elvis
Rocking and rolling and reeling
And stealing our minds away.

So let’s get singing
And dancing
And banging those drums,
Flexing our plectrums
To make one helluva
Let that magical music play
For Ever.

Paul Butters

© PB 10\4\2020.
Let Us Play...
Jonathan Moya Oct 2019
Dreaming Graceland or Zombie Land: Double Tap

When you think Elvis was a fraud,
a rip off the black man’s voice;

when you finally meet someone
who smells like candles
instead of gunpowder and whiskey;

who is comfortable with you
driving that pink Cadillac
all the way to Memphis;

who won’t
throw your pink stuff
to the side of the road;

who will kiss you
and hold your hand

until you arrive at Graceland
and try on those blue suede shoes
that actually fit;

let you gyrate your hips,
and for one moment,
feel like the King;

until you open your eyes
and really, really see
that you’re  in Zombieland.
Hunter Sep 2019
I wish I could play beautiful songs on piano,
Play unforgettable by King Cole.
Show my love through the ballads.

I wish I could play guitar better,
Play because by Elvis,
Show that I love you for who you are.

I wish I could sing,
Sing La Vie En Rose by Edith,
Show how much color you bring to my world.

If I could do all these,
I’d sit in bars and strum out chords.
Sing out words.
Words and chords to bring you back to my arms,
Words and chords to make you feel loved,
Words and chords to show you forever and always.
My love adores music, especially piano and lovely voices. Sometimes I wish I was better at these things, So thats why I'm trying improve my skills at these to show my love to her through arts she adores
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