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Johnny walker Jan 19
They always say you can remember where you where the day when someone famous passes away  
I remember the day
Elvis Presley died It was about 8 pm I sat eating a fish and chip
When It was announced
by Tony prince radio DJ simply said Elvis Is dead
he like me was a big fan
at that time Elvis was my life
Every a new album that was released I was there
to buy so much a part of my life
I was saving money
to go to America to see a live performance but sadly that never did happen
But when that announcement came on the radio It was If light had gone from life It really
was the day the music
But even today when I play Elvis records or watch his
recorded live performances he still has the same Impact he could draw you to
he was  magnetic don't believe or ever will be another the likes of him we will never see  again a true great
My personal take a truly great performer my opinion the best there's ever been the likes we'll never see again
Even the scene I was making was making a scene:
I've been freed by friendlessness, so why do old pals
embitter w/ velleity a reunion can still rouse?
It's just I'm so swizzed by reading trueselfbydates.
Shawl, who is also called Pall; runagate who is also prostrate.
To the bull's eye, the hawkeye is palpable, tangible, felt
To the hawkeye, the bull's eye is palpable, tangible, felt.
Phone went. Atonement? Opponent. Alone meant
renewal of the same old selfentering entertainment.
Narcissistic conception: a privately bred clone
'tis my duty to bully, torture earnestly. One does one's own.
British Ionists don't even understand Zirony.
But I wish I was as simple as just contradictory.
Tragready? Incipit tragoedia: travesties hurt.
Like seeing my Riot Grrl swiothrrt in a 'Travis' tshirt.
Trillions killed during filming, fastforwarded orchids.
Cast of inexpendable heart oscitation deleted.
To einsof soft life on the air, we're lost. In the sour feast,
50 years' service is a ****** on the mantlepiece.
*******, mon semblance! Goose scry to the scaly
Torygraph; Presidented Gein; masSACREDad (God's Mochrie).
It takes CITV & CBBC & pre-DWP DSS & pre-DSS
DHSS to raise a child, not a Doubting Momus.
Dreamflounder, dreamfloater, dreambounder in a dreamboater.
English country Capgras bros. of a stranger in  an oater.
Nil admirari, ennui, omnui, zennui, nitchevo.
Yet buckaroo Love's hopingpong lives out my spermself's FOMO.
I foamed at the month, Lysanber, annually,
for flavour of the mouth should be Oxyjanuary.
Sandwich artists, stationary bloggers & ancient astronaut
theorists all walked Jackonoryology in school reports.
'Sweirdly emasculating, like a tall grandmother,
how I cannot poetsplain the future or its lovers.
1,000 albino bishybarnabees rorschach the tragic
lantern: swarm th'only pattern of fatback TV static.
Negress of the World dreams of unio Mr.Car
in the cave of charades that's shrine to an umbra.
Afflatic calculus of tragic trajectories, romantic ratios:
lyricalgebra. Show my working: Statement of Aesthetics, Rothko.
Song of alien vitalism, Neanderthal Jesse Garon.
Prosody fit for Methuselated muse, Struldbrugg paean.
How clean is your dream disqualidayhome celebrikitchen
bug in **** conscience, Carol Vorderline? Pigpen's plugin.
Jack of Shapes, Jack of Ages, Jack of Doors, Jack of Cues.
Best of all possible Lords to follow? Serendipitous debuts.
The Devil writhes a kiddiefiddlin' schtick.
The Devil is a devout Catholic.
Pincered zen selfsparta builtsitting in what it's from:
cogito keeping its damnable cheek above fatsam & fleshsam.
I feel it so intensely: irony of ironies when I don't care.
Selffulfulling jelly w/ nothing to fear but fears nothing hears.
Experienshit, differenshit, definitely still ****, diffranchiser
of scheisser. Choken record: wist zither, aubade nebuliser.
You pick up. Seashellsussurus of a radioed purlieu.
Your crepitant crelp, monastic by virtue of ***** flu.
Bellybutton ash/blue & green dahlia: inner & outer bull
of bull's eye anthropocentrism. Both can & can't be too careful.
Hawkeye Bennu or other siderolite's solipsism
cuts short my nut cutlet nuncheon: absurdissimum prism.
sunprincess Oct 2018
Chasing after rainbows and pots of gold,
Most times, well almost always
When I skip down the yellow brick road
Little elves arrive there first

Do you know wherever there's a rainbow
There's an elf not far behind
And whenever I see rainbows appear
Wow! I can't help but wonder

Was that famous Elvis, king of Rock n' Roll
With perfectly styled jet black hair,
And pockets full of shiny coins of gold
Was he King of Elfin Kingdom, too
sunprincess Aug 2018
Woa, Both Queen of Soul and King of Rock
Gone on the date of August 16th
This mind-blowing curiosity unlike getting struck by lightning
Not one scientist can explain why

Curious coincidences in our constellation
Unlike capturing a fallen star
These coincidences say this is a strange universe
Caramelized and caught in time
Coincidences happen more than we know
lovejunkie Jun 2018
ღ ღ ღ

i don't have much
going for me, through
no real fault of my own,
just the circumstances and
fate that bring us to wherever
we are in life because of or despite
our best efforts, not in any conventional
sense, not in any sense that is easily
recognizable without really being
in a place in life where you are
paying close attention to a
person, but i know one
thing, a single, thin,
tiny, very easily
thing that you
absolutely, 100%, no
doubts whatsoever thing
about myself and about
the universe, and about
how myself interacts
with the universe
and whether that's
a smart or dumb
thing to think
about, and that
is this: when i'm
genuinely and super
happy in life, when i smile
i smile a big grin that just
bursts through and i can't
hold back even at the risk
of looking like a real idiot
because of all my completely
random smiles throughout the
day, that when i smile like that
i smile exactly like Elvis Presley,
the KING, lol, but i really, really
do, my lips are even the same
bowtie lips as his. and i just
think how sad that is, and i
think that at the same time,
how joyous that is, that i at
least know one single thing,
an infinitely better thing than
knowing not a thing at all. and
maybe knowing that i gotta smile
like the King of Rock 'n' Roll is maybe
even exactly how much i should be sure
about in life whatsoever, not too little, and
not too much, just perfectly, magically, enough.

ღ ღ ღ
Karl Tomkins Mar 2018
The band strikes up
As you start heartbreak hotel
Your Left leg starts to jiggle
They say you’re evil because you wiggle

Did You know what you’d become?
A king without a kingdom
A legend before your death
Like the songs you delivered with your last breath

Were you ready to go?
Did you see it coming?
The day that left the whole world wondering

The band winds down
As you sing can’t help falling in love
They say we let our profits go to waste
Now they love you
I was always a fan of Elvis Presley more as a human being. I tried to write something that honoured him
Jackie Mead Jan 2018
There was a handsome man named Elvis
Who had a wriggly pelvis
He shook, rattled and rolled and lo and behold
The man with loose hips became famous
Big Elvis fan, on way to Memphis tomorrow 4 nights at Gracelands on 8th January and then onto New Orleans, sooooo excited
Brianna Love Oct 2017
I listen to music by Mozart,
I listen to music by Bach,
I’m carried away through the night,
with no thought of care for the clock.

Sonatas by Beethoven,
I hear waltzes by Strauss,
in fancy, I see myself in beautiful gown,
as I float serenely about the house.

A gentle number by the King,
love me tender, now on my mind,
lost in thoughts, dancing around,
I leave the passing night behind.*
Terry Collett Jul 2017
I had bought
the Kissin' Cousins LP
by Elvis
and I played it on
the record player.

Milka sat beside me
on my bed
in my room.

My parents and siblings
were downstairs
watching TV.

After the third song
she said
it's not a big bed
is it.

No smaller than yours
I said.

But it looks smaller
she said.

My brother's small bed
was opposite
near the window.

We couldn't here
be too risky
with them downstairs
she said.

We can kiss and hug
and that sort of thing
I replied.

But then
we get carried away
and one thing
leads to another
she said.

Elvis sang on
Milka was in a mood.

The two coffees
were getting cold.

Maybe next time
we could go
to your place
I said.

My mum's hardly
ever out
and she'd not let us
in my room together
she said.

We did the other week
while your mum
was out shopping
and your dad
was on the farm
and your brothers fishing
I said.

Yes but that
was a rare thing
for them all
to be out
she said moodily.

Elvis stopped
and I watched the disc
go around around
and we made no other sound.
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