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Durow Dec 2018
Chameleon eyebrows
Eat my heart out

Chain link membranes
Focus hard
Hear my hands
Dial my burdens

Entropy and terror
Alone never
Focus hard
Soon it's forever

Let me heal
I've got plenty of dying to do later
Durow Dec 2018
i see textures
moving fluid

the sound isn't a song
it's a piece of art

colors and hues
meshy gradience

the sound isn't an album
it's a collection of circumferences

there is no math being done
those who calculate the soul are musicians
i don't calculate
it's just there

the sound isn't a note
it's discovery


i hope someday i can show you what i see
i gotta say
it's a beautiful day here
have a nice day :)
Durow Nov 2018
people **** here
I mean they really tear each other apart
and if I’m being honest
I just don’t care

like obviously I’m missing something
it seems like everybody’s doing it
but I could never get into it
I just don’t care

I guess I didn’t always feel this way
even a year ago I was sympathetic
I thought it was a necessary thing
sad but needed

yeah that’s some *******
people **** here because they like it
they like to tear each other apart
and I think they know they’re wrong

they just don’t care
Durow Nov 2018
can you see the noise
feel the landscape beneath you
smell the chlorine in the dissonance
taste the blood in the harmony
hear the silence

cool and dark
pink and gold and brown
fluid solids
nostalgia for the future

i bleed rhythm
i sweat melody
i spit form
i cry syllables
i ***** soul

i see the helix
feel the landscape pressing my temple
smell the swing in the waterfall
taste the salt of despair
hear the art under the dirt


but kicking

i'm trying to tell you that i don't just hear it
i am it

liv dessi liv
Alex Durow Apr 2018
my sadness is a burden until his isn't an option

the only time you're nice to me is when he's mean to you

you only call me best friend when he doesn't call you

you call me crazy

well I'm the one who's still with you so

maybe you're right
Alex Durow Apr 2018
there's a decency to ignorance- but it does tend to overstay it's welcome

when eating less and weighing more- consider cutting out carbs and toxic masculinity

they say love and war are opposing acts- however forgiveness is granted to those unable to distinguish the difference

hating things is not a personality trait- but it is a pretty cool pasttime

the problem with ignorance is not that you don't know things- it's that you don't know that you don't know things
Alex Durow Apr 2018
She wears a push-up bra and I do push-ups but we both **** at economics so it doesn't really matter

We've made-up so many times my phone auto-corrects 'I love you' to 'I'm sorry'

The problem isn't your hypocrisy, the problem is your conclusions

You call me names but I don't call you at all so who's winning

I'm sorry
Alex Durow Mar 2016
so what it's cliche
so what I've said it billions of times

I love you

and it's like a realization for me every time I see your eyes

so what it's cliche
I mean it

I love you
Alex Durow Mar 2016
These words written in ink and fear

These words meant to tear, build, break, kiss

These words that embrace or give hate in misuse

Or even create portals you can climb through


So climb through this portal and live in these words

Thrive in these lyrics and feast in this verse

For the real world's too harsh and these words can be walls

A portal

A home

A poem

A song
Alex Durow Feb 2016
They asked me if I wanted power
They asked me if I wanted money
They asked me if I could be happy
But I couldn't unless you still loved me
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