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claire Jun 2020
i've already started making a playlist in my head. we're going to throw our bags on the bed, slip on our suits, and run to the water as fast as possible. we're going to sleep in braided, burnt arms and wake up with salty lips. we're going to know the feeling of chilled sand at night. we're going to get wine-drunk and hold each other's faces with tired, tender hands. we're going to get ****** and eat funnel cake on the boardwalk late at night. and in one of those moments, accidentally-on-purpose, i'm going to let it slip. i'm going to say, "oops. i wrote another love song about you."
claire May 2020
I'll take you to a museum
And show you my favorite paintings,
Then you'll grab my hand
And tell me I belong in those frames
please let me take you on a date to an art museum I promise it won't be boring
claire May 2020
Lately I've been letting myself feel the sadness
instead of pushing it away
But I've also been dancing alone in my room a lot more.
The confused joy marbled with heavy grief comes from this new freedom -
Freedom I'm not sure I wanted.
why does everyone break up over Christmas break?
claire May 2020
in the back of my mind,
i know that if you asked,
if you said you'd try,
if we could find a way to stick together,
i could fall in love with you again.
it feels comfortable again, more than before, because I'm being more myself this time. I've figured out what I want from this.
claire May 2020
I want to be in a field, or on a beach
It doesn't matter the landscape
Just as long as I'm under a blanket with my love
Big, blinking eyes
Warm from the irises out
A drip with each flicker of the lid
Wavy arms around waists
claire Apr 2020
pretend i'm spring
something to be excited about
something that brings the breeze
and the honeysuckle
i'll pretend you like the warm weather
just when I was getting over you
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