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Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Dear Donald, wait. strike that.
You cattle rustler in a black hat,
You cheated and you lied to us
On just about a daily basis.
You made a list of promises
Of what you would do for us
But you did the exact opposite
Meaning not a single word of it.

Half of us settled on you to be
The man with enough responsibility
To make our country great but yet
There wasn’t much wrong with it.
We can’t say that today, can we?
You and your cabinet detest reality.
You make claims and even worse
Most of what you say is in reverse.

Now you’re off kidnapping kids
With no shame for what you did.
You steal babies and fly them away
And charge voters a thousand a day!
And if that wasn’t far enough off track
You charge parents to get them back.
Then you insist someone else is to blame.
Ugly man, why no sense of shame?

You have taken our country down.
You went from an political clown
To an arch criminal like we’ve never seen.
For decades you smiled in glossy magazines.
Now you’re applauding dictators and
Your cabinet is a robber baron’s band.
You deserve to be put into a prison
If any of our lawmakers had wisdom.

So, this is your Dear Donald letter
Bad motor scooter, and a worse go-getter,
Telling you a ferocious goodbye.
Take it as a fact, and don’t lie.
If there is a bit of integrity remaining,
We’ll **** on you and tell you it’s raining.

— The End —