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Sh Mar 20
all that's left of a friend is the wallet they bought you for your birthday, in the bittersweet smile that appears on your face when you remember that moment.

they are only in the stories you tell. Their name escapes your lips before you even realize they were there.

they are in the little moments of regret.
The dull pain between so very few heartbeats before they're gone again.

they are in shelves of shops,
in "they would like it" thoughts before you realize you can't even remember the last time you've met.

they are in the moments when you can.

But now they only exist in old photobooks, in fading memories.

In dreams, their faces side by side complete strangers.

They are everywhere.

But really, they are nowhere.
The friends we lost along the way are not always gone.
Jonny blaze Jul 2015
You get feelings from a couple nights in the bed. It was you that forced the situation on me from throwing me down and giving head
Instead of a night of cuddling with a couple shots. You where the one that started kissing me all over on till you found my spot.
We can say accidents happen but you came back for more. Intesity grew as we made our way from the bed couch shower and floor
Now you feel used because I dnt want relations feeling as though we are in war your in your battle stations
Steady throwing shots at me but it's all good for now I'm not shooting back I'll just hold my ground
In the end it was all a nut you just wanted **** in your guts you you opened your legs quick to me so who is the ****
Ayy I'm all good thought you play the game and I guess some times this is how it goes you have to take it for what it is nights with the lows
Got to bust a couple mean nuts but lost a friend in the prosses I hope we can me friends again but if not I wish you all the best
Sinex Oct 2014
He sits behind his scarlet screen,
drifting from the friends
of his own reality.

He sits behind his scarlet screen,
reaping likes,
like an antidote
to the loss of attention,
from his former normality.

He sits behind his scarlet screen,
prepared for war
within a blue virtual
world of brutality.

He sits behind his scarlet screen,
finding love
in the pixels of this
synthesized neutrality.

He sits behind his scarlet screen,
no longer looking at the server of life,
frozen beyond his window screen


behind his scarlet screen


— The End —