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Every person has hopes and dreams

Don’t intentionally dim
anyone’s lightbulb
We are all on our own dimmer switch
Marissa 1d
it came suddenly
the words i never expected
to come from your lips
“i love you”
it made no sense

you stood there
your eyes tracing mine
as if you were reading from a book
but having to reread the same line
because while you saw the letters
together they didn’t form words

you have always been a friend
someone who made me laugh
but not the closest friend I’ve ever had
still somehow present
but never in a romantic way

maybe this is all a joke
maybe i want this to work
so I took your hand
and told you that
“i love you too”

and then, like night becomes day
my eyes opened
to a blinding
bright light

suddenly I was awake
my skin was icy cold
and I was all alone
it was just a meaningless
occupation of my thoughts

but what does this mean?
if anything?

maybe it’s worth a shot
maybe it’s not
either way
there’s only one test to find out
written about a dream that I can’t seem to understand
I’ve traveled the world
Lying here in bed,
Had places unfurled
All around my head.

I’ve ridden on dreams
To fantastic sites,
And followed the themes
Of songs sung at night.

Drifting to places
That don’t exist,
While here in spaces
That real life missed.

In sleep I don’t stir
And go everywhere,
‘Cause awake I’m sure,
I’m going nowhere.
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is just a goodbye
before the dreams come

reality fades
and the world
you know
is swept
They peek through the night
Dreams scattered across the sky
In form of a star
Urmi 2d
In the midst of a summer day,
With the sun gleaming golden brown
I wake up to find a flickering ray,
That interferes with my thinking crown.

I'm sitting down on my bed,
And travelling to far-off harbours
I cannot think of anything else,
But just the magical grandeurs.

I've reached the Crow's shore of Ketterdam,
And am sailing for Hogsmeade
The Ferolind's joltingly reached Nottingham,
And I'm not thinking of nothing else.

The purple tulips, the marvellous castle,
All shiny on a shining day
The wind's whistles, the leave's rustle,
All make me delightful on this day.

The world seems so tiny,
From up above the blue skies
The Firebolt I'm now riding,
Seems to supress the little lies
I used to take in as a child.

Suddenly everything's so harsh,
I think I'm in the land of the White Witch
I crave for Turkish Delight so hard,
That I know not of the awaiting risk
Into the dark castle, as the daughter of eve.

I was so lost in the mysterious magical whirlwind,
I think I've travelled far, but not even a mile
When I open my eyes, I clearly see the still wind
Of dust, crime and fraudulence all in a pile
That tempts me to snivel for the fair play,
Since I'm the lost girl and the world, a treacherous display.
what for the shallow waters

that we called love?

the kiddie pools that

kept our tears salty?

we should have looked on

to bigger whirlpools and stormy seas

with welling gratitude

for our wading pools

instead, there we splashed

like children,

making believe

that our ships were sinking

that we were drowning

that we had to save each other

it was long overdue

when i stood up

stepped out

and dried myself off

a lifetime ago
fire danced

so elegantly

in your eyes

while my house was burning

and the match

was clenched between

your teeth
one-sided glass keeps your eyes from mine

hides half-remembered words from another day.

every excuse i've made to cover myself

never feels like your touch should.

selfish desires burn the ground beneath my feet

but your footsteps echo in another room

where the blood doesn't pound in your veins,

where the glass shows you yourself.

and maybe my fists could shatter that glass,

but i don't want to face

the look in your eyes

the red on my knuckles

my nerves screaming

my breath coming short

when you take up all the air in the room.

no, i'm staying over here

calling it biding my time,

watching sand rush through the hourglass,

trying to compensate for the days i spend

pretending that you can see me,

staring at the smudges my hands have left on the glass.

yes, i'm staying over here

while they tell me i'm wasting my time

waiting for you to remember

those half-forgotten words from another day
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