ƛrtie 16h

in the dazzling
of a crowded room
im still searching for you
as traveller
detached from time
knowing the consequences
with your shadows
the most
of our love
in my

ƛrtie 16h

a little unsettled
would you pick me up
to admire my petals?
a little hurting
how can you paint
but not see the trembling scars?
at least some breaking
and i'll pour  
over you
all my
scattered parts

ƛrtie 16h

give me
a needle and a thred
at least
to sew my heart
back in place
just to see
if its beating again
those outchesting pulses
when hearing your name
im a puppet
by the flames
on your tongue
that keep me alive
by your water that pours
every little flower
in me

ƛrtie 16h

the pulses
of my verdant heart
when yours
blooms inside it
but the fear
of letting go is strong
and i chose butterflies
over aching petals
in the weakness
of the dark

ƛrtie 16h

my slumber heart flickers
at the thought of you
how can you be?

its you and the moon
wide awake
underneath and above
full of naivity

careless like the ocean breeze
and hearted
like a blank page
on a old notebook full of words
that mean
the ultimate
and complete

ƛrtie 16h

maybe im dreaming
in a pebble-free glass
on a fire without the ashes
in a gaze without temptation
in a kiss without the tingling on the lips and a love without edge and cutting glasses
sometimes im dreaming
just like that

ƛrtie 15h

Unseen and uncounted,
did I sat and look
around –pathetic girl–
the only sound heard
the gentle move
of me easing myself out
your lucky hand.

Shadows casting by
the thin rays of moonlight,
the gaps in your heart.
Gnarled fingers
wagging at me
when my carved
feelings fight
and perform
their macabre dance.

And then I'm
just breathing again,
trapped in bornout faces,
lost in wrong places,
with just a superboy in my chest.

Managed to force
my way out,
doors locked,
lights and eyes shut,
just you testing
my sour mouth,
before my heart is done.

ƛrtie 16h

As a gentle pulse of my verdant heart,
caressing my gracious unrivalled dreams,
you are the color to my shallow art,
I observe you and at once my soul beams.

You were the nitid glimmer that saw me when I was in the purity of dark,
as if your captivating eyes told me
between us lays love's invincible spark.

Honey, your love shuddered my withered heart,
like the breeze that crosses rills and shakes oaks,
with the abscense of you my world falls apart,
to the ashes of our warmth die my hopes.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I'm out of my head while thinking of you.


When what you want
Touches the ends of your fingers
Hold my hand
So you can grab it
If it's still not enough
Hold my other hand too
You are enough.

10. How together?

Dream with in a dream.
Unexpectedly fleeing this feeling.
Beauty is just a reflections of reality
The pain I'm feeling is fading through my veins
Learning about the air I breath,
Makes it hard to live on in peace.
As I continue to loose control
To really feel utter defeat.
This cant be salvaged.
My world is shattering
The sun is invincible.  
Shadow is at its peak.
Darkness overrun.
Nothing is feared.
I am dreaming on top the hill
walking past the bigger picture
I'm told about the stars.
About the nations broken tears.
Life-breaking situations.
Can feel the pain in my right shoulder
As i carry this shocking event deep in my heart.
I can still feel my nose itching.
As i Sat there contemplating
where i went wrong in life
To be in this, Hand cuffed.
Learning the biggest lesson.
Never Trust anyone and continue Dreaming
I'm More drowning in my own water
I cant swim up, How can i save myself?
Its an Earthquake, But only My life is shattering.

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