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Pavement blues
   infuse the few
   with aimless renews
      of fruitless views!

Pavement blues
   refuse the new
   with endless crews
      of wasted clues!

Pavement blues? true?
Meruem Oct 7
It was just a wonderful sight;
At the top, over the city lights.
Of all the stars that shined so bright,
You were the brightest one that night.
Though you look so gloomy today,
Just breathe, and be on your way.
Your light may seem to fade away,
Just try not to worry, you'll have it all back
October 8, 2019 - 05:27

A dreamcatcher to catch all of your bad days.
Harley Hucof Oct 7
So much to take to vibrate in higher states
To liberate what you must pay.
I try to make myself see,
I find emptiness in an invisible sea.
Held, blind, my eyes are not mine,
But the truth is clear ,
But my lips are sealed,
Anyway there is no one to hear.
While i am connected i am leaving symbols maybe someone will read for me my roles.

Words Of Harfouchism
Fenchurch Oct 7
My dreams
Are the only place
Where you choose me
lake Oct 6
is this what they call fate
and can it ever change
is that what they all say
the opinions stay the same
that bar just keeps on raising
and i'm shriveling up like raisins
been like that since the beginning
but by the end i hope i'm grinning
cause birds gotta leave their nests right
so i'm gonna live my best life
or drop like a deer in headlights
paralyzed in my dreams and nightlights
I tell my roommate
"I'll stay at a
motel down the street."
I start having nightmares
about Drake & Josh,
similar to Creepypasta.
Noura Oct 6
-What’s the dream, pal?
-What dream?
-Why, the dream, the bright future.
-Oh, that’s still a thing?
My hair grows
Like patience
against my will
  behind my back
yesterday's destiny
jungle long
in time for every
  sunrise and sunset.
I sing about blooming under the same moon. You need a full moon to bloom.
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