julia  Aug 2015
julia Aug 2015

She was about adventure,
Sun shining on her face,
Flowers in her hair.
But she was stuck,
Dreaming of big cities,
New York, San Francisco,
Dreaming of walking in the rain
Down a busy street
With no umbrella,
Dreaming of the days where
Everything would fall into place.
She liked to dream of better things,
While stuck in a dead beat town.

this is from september 2012 and still nothing has changed
(c) Julia Dall
jessiah  Jun 2014
jessiah Jun 2014

Cousin Death sends regards
Yet never liked you
You prepare too much
Reveal too much
You make twice the work
and spoil his great surprise

Companion piece with Sweet:

Clindballe  May 2014
Clindballe May 2014

Stop wishing upon the stars and start making your dreams come true, because the stars you're looking at are already dead but you're not.

Written: May 1. - 2014
Kaylee M  Dec 2016
Kaylee M Dec 2016

My heart is pounding
I rush forward
Faster than a cheetah
I jump
I drop like snow
The ball rolls around the hoop
Tips on the edge of the rim
All eyes are on the ball
Titters into the net
With a soft swoosh
The crowd erupts
I just scored
The winning shot
I toss
I turn
It was all just a dream

Sedoo Ashivor  Nov 2015
Sedoo Ashivor Nov 2015

Dreams remain dreams
as long as you stay asleep.

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