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awoke to something unexpected
someone outside, my dog detected
so pleasantly, I was surprised
it was a friend who get me high

I haven't really seen this fool
since in the days back in high school
time passes by, a lot has changed
but most of it remains the same

it makes me kinda sad to know
so many people come and go
small circle, but the ones inside
have earned their welcome to the pride

the ones I value and respect
I'd lay my life down to protect
I find few people worth my time
but if I had 10, i'd give them 5

and I know they would do the same
I don't play silly social games
it's not that i'm not very vocal
i'm just selective when i'm social

I dreaded getting out of bed
to suffer the monotony, instead
a visitor reminded me
to value friends and family
I'm not a rich man, or anything, but I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with some truly extraordinary people in my life. Some served as a lesson, some have passed, but the ones that remain have earned both my respect and admiration.
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2016
Inscribed upon silk
Is your raw humanity.

Lessons have taught
That such delicacies
Cannot be caught.

Unless uncovered
From the tomb
In which truth lies.

Daniela Marie Aug 2017
I found the key
To being free
Easier said than done you see
The enemy
Looking at me
Through memories of past that won't let me be
Is so tricky
We can pick and choose what we see
Minds are finicky
Part of their beauty
Balancing being teacher and trainee
monetary means conquered*
lots of dollars were the power
dominance bought by wads
how they pleasured in the

suit cases of currency given
for treatment ever preferential
which ensured they'd be viewed
with more favourable credential

the complexion of a situation
when there's bucks proffered

business was done
and it always carried
mega rating's
Äŧül Nov 2016
Unlike my life before the accident,
I now have short-term amnesia,
But you are stuck here permanently.

Tujhe bhoolna to chaah bhi nahin sakta,
Kuch aise bas gayi hai dil-o-dimaag mein,
Fark nahin padta tujhe kuch, oh zaalima.
HP Poem #1278
©Atul Kaushal
Luna Craft Apr 2016
Take this string in your hand
Let it guide you away
Past the boats, past the ships
So we can go and play

Let us forget about the blood shed
Each and every cry
All those we have mourned
All the sons that have died

Let us sink into our beds
Fall into a deep slumber
Reach into rustic coffins
Blood has soaked the lumber

Let bomb shells be lullaby's
Because this is ending fast
I'm sorry sweety, I need to go
There is but one more draft
Scarlet Keiller Jan 2016
A lucid world
in which I forget
to continue remembering.
~~ I will be selective about the reality which I accept. ~~

— The End —