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Sydney Queen Dec 2015
Pulling your blanket back on when it falls off in the night.
***** feet
and raspberry stained hands.
You, chewing on ice.
Me, sipping lemonade through red straws.
Moths that haunt the street lamps.
Dancing home alone,
ghosts that sing you to sleep,
old records on the table.
Riding your bike as the sun sinks sleepily at your back.
Being pressed up against the back door.
The seasons.
Naked, terrible beauty.
Watching your back receding down the long, sunlit hall.
The two of us,
always running away from eachother.
Nathan Wilson Oct 2015
For everyday I have a mask.
A mask for each and every task.
One for joy, one for loss.
But for each one I use there is a cost.
When to my face a mask I bind.
I leave a part of my soul behind.
In ******* to this disguise I wear.
I know not how well I will fare.
I hide myself from them all.
My masks they keep me as a thrall.
No one here knows my name.
They all think that we are all the same.
They don't know any different because I hide.
My true nature inside.
A mask of happiness covers my sorrow.
A smiling mask picked out for tomorrow.
No truth, only lies.
The beautiful deception that my masks provide.
Stefan Smith Aug 2015
the encounters in life
come by surprise,    but lately
all of these good byes
fade away disguised.
Nicole Normile Oct 2010
People will come
look, but not see
the broken house this had once come to be

This practically now perfect space
isn't true to this place

This house, it is disguised
to impress
hiding the past, it is all lies
covering the mess.
I told my soul I'd never grow
To fall into such a trap.
That promise I did keep, I sleep
A restless, teary nap.
Now it builds inside me wildly
And creeps out from my cap
Tell me how this happened
How it happened to me...

I told my heart never to start
To show my skin again
To lock myself inside and hide
Behind an ever jolly grin.
Do not go, I know, I know
And do not let them in.
Tell me how this happened
How it happened to me...

I warned my mind to bind
My heart inside my chest
The criticizing eyes, their lies
I see better than the rest.
All too blind and so unkind,
I will not pass their test
Tell me how this happened
How this happened to me...

I must hide, for I have tried
To reveal my soul
Oh how battered, I was shattered
Dig a corpse sized hole.
I'm still the same, but out of shame
I burnt outside to coal.
Tell me how this happened
How this happened to me.
Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2014
Tonight I found out I wasn't for me
But for someone else
He isn't perfect
But he's mines
I'm not perfect either
But I'm his

I waited almost half my life to find him
But I didn't know it would be him
Mines and only mines
A man I've come to know
A man I've come to love

Then what could all this mean?
Is it a turning point for both of us?
Or is it the time to realize that we are meant to be together?
Or to be there for each other?
Or you tell me?
finding love
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Disguised in your own skin
   Overwhelming thrive to be seen
~ What to prove, what to win?
   Acceptance from unimportant faces
~ The faces criticize, they believe what they want o
   Unreasonable explanations, blinded by tragedy
~ Unaware of the value of someone like you
   Strong, brave, a high head with high hopes
~ Let them underestimate, let them laugh
   They'll soon come to realize, they're the ones who must cope
~ You've come so far, and with so little fear
   The ones who care are sure to linger near
~ Continue to express your radiance and love
   Until the end of your journey, you'll continue to shine
~ Set your mind free, don't listen to those faded faces
   Undermining stress comes with too much of a shove
~ No matter where I go, I'll remember your spirit forever
   I'll carry on what you've taught me, to different worlds and places
~ Different ways you've impacted my life
   These things I'm sure not to forget, ever
~ Each day our friendship grows stronger
   With fights, laughs, even some irrelevant drama
~ Our memories, our thrills, everything in between
   If you believe in our friendship, it'll last even longer
      ~Meagan Williams
What I see in you, and what I see in our friendship. The good and the bad.
AmberLynne Jul 2014
All the things you've said
     that have struck me down the most
     were said as nonchalant utterances,
     or disguised as whimsy and play.
But those are the ones
     that dig in the most,
     drill into my core
until I'm so ******* and hurt
     I want to spit your venom
     right back at you.
Your words work their way
      slowly through my system,
     steadily poisoning my thoughts.
And it's the worst when I'm alone,
     with only my now-tainted mind
     for company.
Problem is, sometimes
     I feel that same loneliness
     with you right beside me.
So, despite your ardent claims
     to the contrary,
I'm quite unsure of your ability
     to handle my capriciousness
     for the long-term.

— The End —