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Austin V Oct 2019
I got these voices in my head constantly running through my mind
Telling me I'm perfect
Telling me I'm fine
Saying that I'm useless
Saying I should die
Please wont you help me I just want some piece of mind

I'm sick of screaming out and getting no reply
And the way these thoughts are running maybe ill just give up die. Put a pistol to my Temple and just say a quick goodbye. Hit the bar and have a party and then just race out of time. But before I head out let me try these white lines.

1 line 2 line 3 lines done
Suddenly I look and all my problems are gone.
Listen close
Hear the voices?
Me neither are they gone?
Are my feet on the ground
How did I get so high
Is that a glimpse of what it's like
To live a perfect life.

I can see it shine bright
The golden fields if Elysium
Bathing me in light finally they're gone
No demons in sight
No voices screaming loud
I can finally stop the fight
So I'm trying to write my own songs and I've always loved rap so this is my attempt at a real so that's where the bare bones of a rhyme scheme come in. But anyway enjoy
Austin V Apr 2018
I am so tired
maybe of life
maybe from lack of sleep
I really can't tell
but **** am I tired

Every moment
every night
every shining moment of light
I am so...
I can't explain depression to everyone but this is the closest I feel I can get to accurately explaining it.
Austin V Apr 2018
Forceful thoughts fall from the seams
Like the nightmarish steeds
Of a hellscape dream

So carved into rock are the thoughts at hand
That I can not escape
Who truly I am

A monster inside
With a colorful broach
And just enough care
To help you approach

When the fear you should have
I help wipe away
To disguise the danger
That will always stay

Run as you should
But you never can
Because I glove my ugly with a caring hand

So take my hand and come with me
To a world of fantasy and make believe
So carefully painted with a velvety sheen
So as to not let it show this is all a dream

But the paint does chip
And so you will wake
To an external hell
With no escape
Austin V Apr 2018
What a fun little thing
You are to do
Never would I have imagined
I meant this much to you

Let's play the game
that we all know to well
For what we should say  
To cast that lovely spell

To capture those eyes
Which hold the sky
To touch the hands
Smooth as satin

We spin those words
So perfectly sweet
To tell that one
They set your heart a beat

— The End —