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ADS Jul 2017
Wow you are amazing
You look very sharp today
You came over here so smoothly
You are so clever
You brighten my day whenever I talk to you
You are so good at your job
I can't believe you remember me you are going to go far in life
You are so personable which makes you a great employee
Hey I remember you...You are the guy with all the jokes
Awe you are so cute
You look like you run this place

I am receiving all these amazing compliments but I cant help feeling trapped
Screaming underwater while my lungs fill with water
Trying to swim but the more I try the further I sink
Its only been two days at since I have started working at meijers again and people have just been raining down compliments on me the past two days. I am starting to ask myself what am I doing here everyone clearly sees I deserve better.....I dont know what to do.  Decisions
ADS Jul 2017
I have only known you for a few hours
How are we acting like we are best friends
Harmless flirting since we both knew it wouldn't lead anywhere
I know a few people, that tell me they are terrified to talk to you
Sure you put up a tough girl look
Those people fail to see your heart of gold

You walk around with a sense of confidence that is unmatched
Your laugh is intoxicating
I had you laughing throughout the entire day
Whenever you saw me your eyes light up so brightly I could see my reflection in them

You even chased me when I walked away
Scratching and begging for my attention
I became your addiction which didn't have a fix
Weird how quickly I connected with one of my coworkers. Too bad she is in a committed relationship and or possibly married I really dont know. One of my other coworkers told me that he was so scared to look into her eyes because of how beautiful she is.
ADS Jun 2017
Teapot be whistling
Nothing to pour it into
A helpless feeling
I need to find my next passion. I am that type of person that is completed dedicated to something or not at all.
ADS Jun 2017

All these blank lines are words I never had the courage to say
No point in saying them since they no longer matter
They will just remain blank lines that will never leave my mind
ADS Jun 2017
Here take my hand
Let me take you to the lake
Will dance in the suns rays
Drink summery beer all day
We will go cruise on the boat
Where you will feel the warm summer breezy play if your hair
The sun will kiss your perfect skin
Sing along to some classic country tunes
Build a roaring fire
Cook some of the best s'mores until you cant eat no more
Go on a late night boat cruise
Slow dance under the bright moon to some classic forties tunes
While looking into your eyes making feel like the only girl
In the entire world
Once we get cold and tired we will go cuddle the night away
ADS Jun 2017
Romantic Roses
I have given out plenty
My last one turned black
The roses you arent able to give out hurt the most because those are the ones you want to give out the most.
ADS Jun 2017
I thought you changed for the better
You were nice and sweet
Our days together were filled with laughter
I really did choose you over her
Since I just wanted someone to call a friend
For a while it felt like I was betraying one of my best friends
I gave you a chance
I hate how much you neglected my love
For I enjoyed our time together
Then you met a guy and he takes all of your time
We don't talk often but you texted me today
In a ferrous rage saying how could I betray her
I don't know what I did
She's telling me I spilled the beans
The thing is I never had the beans
She must of miscounted her beans and blamed me for some information that leaked

So you are just too childish for me
Apparently I can only have one friend and not two for you two have too much history
Now I pick her over you sorry but you are a nut job
I really gave u a chance to be my friend but u keep tripping over your own feet and you keep blaming me.
ADS Jun 2017
It fits perfectly
Burgundy is such a powerful color
It stands out in a sea filled with greys and blues
Oh how I love this suit
I bought a new suit today! I am so excited to wear it at work. I will be unstoppable lol.
ADS Jun 2017
Line in the sand
This is my side
Stay on yours
Don't get me wrong
I flirt with the idea of crossing this line
Every time I get the courage to cross this line
I run and hide
For I fear whats on the other side
I will stay on my side although I am dying inside
I always get fearful when I catch feelings for someone because I don't know if they feel the same way I do.
ADS Jun 2017
Born prematurely
Broken permanently
Scars cover my body
One kidney
Reconnected small intestine
At least they didn't touch my heart
Its one of the few pieces that went untouched
Now all I want to do is give it away
Once I do I hope I never get it back
I was born with a lot of birth defects. I spent nearly my first year on this earth in a hospital. You wouldn't really know that for how happy I am.
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