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Apr 2017
Drowning in this bright white light
I’m alone on this stage like every night
Seeing all my fans screaming my name when I walk into the light
All I see every night is a sea of flashing lights
All they see is me hitting these low and high notes with ease
I make it look so easy while I dance to this beat
But when its late at night all I want to do escape
Escape this never-ending dream where I can’t find peace
Peace that would make me feel complete
Because my fans don’t really know me
All they see is me achieving a dream which is turning bittersweet
Bittersweet because they will never see the real me
So here I stand on this street corner all alone
Thinking about running away from this fame
That I once thought would make me feel complete
Just a poem I have been thinking about the past couple of days. I didnt really have a plan about how I was going to put my thoughts into words. Regardless here it is.
Alexander Daniel
Written by
Alexander Daniel  Michigan
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